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  1. speaking of, do you guys have friends that can get me into grad school?
  2. This makes me feel better. Also, in case anyone else here is looking for a way to pep me up, who wants to take the gre for me? Just thinking about retaking that goddamn test is making me teary-eyed.
  3. Maybe I'll get shut out this year but score big next year? You're my inspiration, Swagato.
  4. Yeah, that's cool. I didn't mean to sound like I was starting shit or whatever.
  5. I was told to budget around $1000 per semester for tuition by current grad students, just fyi.
  6. Have any of you waitlisters heard from Dr. Lesser outside of his initial email?
  7. thanks dude. I hope somebody gives you a cupcake or you find $20 on street.
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