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  1. Notice, everyone on TGC is talking about applying to well-known private or public flagship universities. Nobody is talking about applying to Texas Woman's University or Southeastern Oklahoma State University. That's not to say those schools (IDK if they even have English grad programs) are not great schools, but schools with less name recognition seem to be less competitive which most probably makes them easier to get into.
  2. How/Why? My undergraduate school funnels people into a particular nearby program at a larger university. Although the program is not extremely highly ranked or competitive (typically placed in the 90s on USNWR), it has regional name recognition, gives full funding (to MA and PhD students) and thus serves its graduates well. With a foreknowledge of the students from my undergraduate department who have been admitted (their grades, test scores, interests, writing abilities, graduate advisors etc.), I was certain I (as well as my professors) I would get in. Guess what. I got in (I immediately rej
  3. If anyone who's been accepted to OSU has any questions feel free to shoot me a message!
  4. I have a macbook pro and its overwhelmingly the preferred device in my department. In ALL of my courses I'd say 60-70% of people (including the instructor) use MBPs.
  5. I'm not Jewish, but there's a sizeable Jewish community here (Columbus, OH) in the neighborhood of Bexley. My partner lives nearby and I've noted several Synagogues which (I'm assuming) suggests there's a variety of denominations? My knowledge is clearly limited.
  6. When did you take the GRE? Maybe it has something to do with waiting on your analytical writing score? Just a guess.
  7. There is very limited parking and even with special parking permit, there are some areas that would require a bit of walking (not a horrendous amount -- maybe .1- .2 miles at most away from efficient parking). As far as housing goes there's graduate student housing available through the university that should be pretty accessible. They're furnished and come with amenities (utilities are included in the rent), but you will be put into a housing situation with people who you don't necessarily get to choose. I've heard both good and bad things about graduate housing, but it can't possibly be
  8. I live ~3 miles from campus (45 minute - 1 hr walk at most), but I still live in a really "campusy" neighborhood as it's only about a 5 minute drive (it's actually a straight shot and right by a main bus line).
  9. Luckily my lease is already taken care of, now I just have to decide how I'll be getting my things to Columbus.
  10. Perhaps this is what you meant, but this surely does not accurately coincide with your previous sentiment. At any rate, the fact that USC received ~80 applications does not mean the application process is more or less competitive than others. How many students enter the program annually? How many people are accepted off of the waitlist? How competitive are each of the applicants? Where do you stand; how competitive are you as an applicant? Is there an interview process? If so, how difficult is it? Again, averages are of little help and I'd go as far as to suggest your "own research" is mo
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