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  1. I did it! With an even more unrelated background than you, I got into a PhD program in psychology this year (I had a BA in English and an MA in Spanish Lit). It took me a year and a half to prepare, I took the Psych GRE and 5 psych classes at a cheap local school, and I worked in 2 research groups as a volunteer (though one eventually started paying me). You already have some research experience, which is great. The quantitative skills will also be a huge selling point for your application, because many applicants don't understand stats very well and it's integral to psych research. You sho
  2. I wore a black skirt suit with a collared gray silk shirt. One interview in the cold I wore a pant suit. Everyone not wearing a suit looked underdressed. Oh and for shoes, I wore really low dress heels with orthopedic soles.
  3. I interviewed at Temple last year and the DCT sent out all the interview invites at once, regardless of who you applied to work with. I hope that info is somewhat useful.
  4. Hey guys I compiled this list of all the Clinical Psychology programs in the US that give full funding. Thought it might help some people. Here it is: Uof Arizona Arizona State U of Arkansas Auburn Baylor Binghamton Bowling Green State Berkeley Clark Boulder UConn Denver DePaul Duke Duquesne Emory George Mason GWU UGA Georgia State Harvard U of Houston U of I at Chicago UIUC Indiana State Bloomington Purdue Kansas K
  5. Why not? It worked for Zimmerman's defense attorney.
  6. how much about your educational background are you guys putting into your SOPs? I have an undergrad and master's in literature, but it just feels unnatural and irrelevant to talk much about it... any tips?
  7. in a fit of anxiety i just increased my list to 20 i will apply to all the places
  8. The best way is to figure out how to get access to a university library. They usually have a lot of these expensive academic books, plus the computers will give you access to databases with articles. Try to get alumni borrowing privileges at your undergrad school.
  9. My list just shrank to 13, I hope to get it down to 12 finally because 13 feels like a bad number. Or maybe I'll add another one. As long as it doesn't remain 13.
  10. I am so confused

  11. There are a lot of schools out there. The more you look, the more schools you're likely to find that fit your needs. Especially if your needs aren't overly specific. As I said before, my interests aren't terribly obscure and I don't have a ton of other requirements for a school, besides that it fund me decently and be a nice place to live.
  12. I don't think that an applicant who applies to lots of schools threatens anyone else, since ultimately everyone is forced to choose just one school. If it's not for you, don't do it. I'm not applying to any schools in Canada myself, mostly because I know very little about them. I suspect that's true for a lot of US applicants.
  13. Yeah I think the main point of this discussion, as with many other discussions on the Lit forum, is that people apply to a lot of schools because they are anxious to have better job prospects down the road. The more options you have, in terms of places to get your PhD, the better you can position yourself for the eventual job hunt. As a side note, I think it's funny that moving "south" for a Canadian could mean moving to Michigan. The thought of Michigan being south of anywhere amuses me.
  14. I'm just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this: the vast majority of scholarship leaves me cold and bored and confused as to why anyone would spend so much time writing that? Then there are a small handful of things that get me really excited. A very small handful. Does this mean I shouldn't be going into academia? Or is this common? Or some third thing?
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