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  1. I live in East Asia, and mind you, each day starts with finding one more rejection in my bed. Which makes it five rejections in total thus far. I mean, five. Although the horror of being (that is, having been) shut out sometimes gets eclipsed by many other things to relentlessly and obsessively worry about my life at this point, but still this barrage of rejections is not very uplifting.
  2. Is this supposed to be sent to those who applied to the fellowship or all potential candidates?
  3. Help me. I have started my applications and hit a snag. As one would know, applicants provide information of their academic history, including degrees, majors, GPA, etc. Although I have no problem entering Bachelor's degree, I haven't finished my Masters yet and have next to no idea when I will have. I can't in good conscience say that I expect to have earned my degree by the time of matriculation expected by universities, considering it would take well over six months for me to complete my thesis after finishing coursework. Yet they make it impossible to state anything about my s
  4. There goes my strongest potential program in terms fit. So much for the connection I ardently stressed in my SOP between my WS on Passing and Thadious Davis...
  5. Two questions: 1. I am an international applicant for this cycle, interested in early to mid twentieth-century African-American literature. I noticed that most schools offer both English and Af-Am studies programs. Should I apply to both programs in order to be considered as an Af-Am lit major, or can I just apply to the former and work with professors invested in the field? Please bear with me if the question sounds (and probably is) somewhat uninformed. 2. What does "GRE Not Required" exactly mean? That one can send the scores should they so choose, or that they don't
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