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  1. Does anyone have a blog he/she would like to share or a recommendation or two? I've come across some great ones about experiences as a new PhD student, but it's always by chance and unfortunately I've not saved them. I would love to follow a few - English students or grad students in general. Thanks
  2. I agree. I went from a BA in Communications to an MA in English to now a PhD program in Rhetoric & Prof. Comm. I've heard if your background is varied, but connected, it's actually sometimes looked at as an advantage. Just my two cents for what it's worth!
  3. Can you contact current students? The students in the program I will be attending have been very helpful recommending rental companies and parts of town. I have a different problem -- I have to sell my house -- so I have no idea what month I will need my rental to start.
  4. Lion22 - are you still on here? I realize this post is pretty old, but I'm trying to make the same decision right now and I'd live your input!
  5. My BA is in communication. I knew I wanted to get more into the English/composition side of things, so I did my MA in English. I'm glad I did because during the process I found there is a whole field of people working right on the intersection of these two fields and that that is exactly where I want to be -- so I'll be doing my PhD in Rhetoric & Professional Comm. I'd be happy to answer any questions if you think I can be helpful.
  6. Thank you for your input, Ken! And yes, I did cast a much wider net, but these are my acceptances (so far)... and I'm pretty happy with them. Decisions, decisions..
  7. I think I would have focused more on fit. I was well aware how competitive admission was and I applied to 15 programs! If I had applied to only the 3 I thought were the best fit, I would have had the same 3 acceptances. I wasn't accepted to any of my "safer" schools or to any of the schools I applied to because they are generally great, not because they are a great fit for what I do. I could have saved a lot of time and money. Don't get me wrong I am thrilled to have been accepted, but I think part of me knew all along where I had the best chances of getting in and where I'd ultimately wan
  8. Hi everyone -- I usually post over in the Lit/Comp & Rhet forum, but I'm thinking maybe I really belong here? I'm interested in rhetoric and professional and technical communication. I've been accepted to two programs that I 'm really excited about: 1) East Carolina, Technical & Professional Discourse 2) Iowa State, Rhetoric & Professional Communication Thoughts about or experience with either of these programs? Thanks
  9. Yes, teaching and academic research about rhet/prof comm topics --- I, too, am leaning towards ISU--- but can I ask why you think the same? I think I've more or less made my decision, but I'm looking for support for when I start to second guess myself! I have a lot of placement info from ISU - all I have from ECU is what's on their website. Will have to ask them for more.
  10. The program I'm most seriously considering is also 2:2. One thing you may want to ask is if you'll be teaching 2 sections of the same course. While I will have the opportunity to teach several different courses, I was assured I will always only be teaching one course per semester -- so, even though I'll be teaching 2 classes, I'll only have one "prep." I teach now, and I can tell you teaching 2 sections of the same class, rather than 2 different courses, makes a major difference. This may be something you'd like to ask about.
  11. I'm never quite sure if I belong in this forum or the Communications one, but I'd love your opinions if you care to share: I am seriously considering Iowa State's Rhetoric & Professional Comm program and East Carolina's Professional & Technical Discourse program. Experiences, thoughts, opinions about either or both?
  12. Nope no movement on any waitlists - I'm on 3. And still 3 programs with no decisions/updates at all...
  13. Yes - thanks - they are on there though never hurts to double check I will probably wait it out until April 15 --- just getting impatient!
  14. Fellow waitlisters --- How long do you/we wait? I know its only March, but I feel like April is coming up so fast. I'm waitlisted what feels like everywhere. How long do I give these programs before I go with the 1 program I've been accepted to (so far)? The program I've been accepted to wants to know 4/1 if I'm coming! I realize technically I have until 4/15, but I get the impression many are not offered a spot off the waitlist until at least then.
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