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  1. Hi, I can't find many applicants to UNM English PhD program around here. I'm wondering if anyone is still waiting to hear back from them? And for those very few who posted their decisions earlier, who contacted you? Did the application status at ApplyYourself changed, or not yet? The silence is killing me and I need to make a very important decision based on "their" decision. I don't know what do. And I have already e-mailed the DGS there and no reply!
  2. I agree with you completely about the "not being so rude" thing. I can't imagine why schools wait till April just to tell you finally that you're rejected. I'm in the same situation and I have already e-mailed them yesterday and no reply. What are they possibly waiting for?
  3. I have this feeling that if I e-mail the school the I'm waiting to hear back from, I'll get this answer: "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?" Do they even remember that I've applied there?
  4. Hi, I know that you got an early acceptance from New Mexico, would you mind telling me what's your area/focus in study? Are you a Post colonialist? I'm still waiting to hear from them and I'm not really sure why it takes them THAT long to reject or accept me?
  5. Is there anyone here who's still waiting to hear from ANY school? I haven't heard from New Mexico and a friend told me that they told here they are not done yet?? Is it possible that until now they haven't decided yet?
  6. To those who got accepted at U of New Mexico, any Post-Colonial? I'm waiting till now for any kind of decision and I don't think I have a chance after now.
  7. Hi everyone, I'm sorry but I need some help that is not related to admissions. I'm trying to book airline tickets online using a "name-your-own-price" tool at www.priceline.com . I'm dying to find someone who has used this kind of tool before and is able to give me some advice. The website simply has this system where you name your own price for the ticket and enter your information as usual; but the difference is that you're not given the option to choose your departure or arrival exact times ( they just say you’ll travel between 6:am and arrive before 12:30am). I know this is frustrating but
  8. I have a question that is not related to grad admission at all, so forgive me for that; has anyone ever tried booking airline tickets or hotels using the "Name Your Price" tool? It's a little risky since they don't allow you to choose flight and arrivals exact times, but the prices they offer are really great. I'm looking for cheap tickets to Boston and would really appreciate any tips that could save money. Thanks in advance
  9. Would it bother them if I e-mail to ask about my status? Should I just wait? I have a negative experiences with writing to ask about my status, because they always said "DENIED".
  10. So, if I haven't heard from UNM till now, this means I'm rejected? Do you know if they notify acceptances first, then waitlists and rejections? Can anyone please send me the link to the online app where I can check my status?
  11. Congratulations. So, about 5 spots are now left at U of New Mexico (as I heard from a professor) I'm so excited that the waiting is about to come to an end, but so worried that I won't get in!!!
  12. And I know that they (English) have made the first cut last week and currently they are trying to decide which 6 applicants to admit!!! This is scary indeed and I don't really know why some schools would take 3 months to respond??
  13. Does anyone here happen to have, or know how to get, the "financial package google doc" that some gradcafe members did a couple of years ago? Thanks
  14. I haven't heard from U of New Mexico either. But they sent asking for original transcripts and passport...I'm international so my experience is a little different I guess.
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