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  1. Anyone going to umich? Let's get to know each other!
  2. I highly recommend trying google.com/flights. Make sure you're using a private browsing window when looking for flights as most websites use your cookies and search history to hike up the prices. If you haven't, just erase your history and use a "incognito" windows from now on. Cheers!
  3. About 10 days ago, the DGS from my top choice (currently waitlisted) contacted me to ask whether I was still interested in the program. "I am writing to confirm your continued interest in our Phd program. We are not yet ready to admit anyone off the waitlist, but I would be happy to turn to you if the opportunity arose, so I thought I would check in. Please let me know if you have any questions about the program or the process." Do DGSs often do this? I keep reading about people contacting DGSs with questions about the waitlist, but never the reverse. I'm wondering if this is a real
  4. If we all post where we expect to accept or decline, I think it will give some of the folks on waitlists some idea of movement. Where have you been accepted to/waitlisted? What are your top choices?
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