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  1. This is kinda off-topic for this page but I felt like the other pages aren't quite as active. Anyway, A colleague recently emailed me a "final draft" of a paper that a few of us had started working on over a year ago but had kind of let fall through the cracks. I was excited because this would be my first actual publication in a journal, and we all know how important publications can be. However, while reading through the (very lengthy) paper, I found it that is was neither cohesive, concise, nor well-structured and on top of that, did not really make a clear argument for one thing or
  2. I just spent my entire undergrad in NYC and the city is swamped with citibanks. Plus, in my experience, citibank has a lot of student-friendly options, no (or very minimal) fees, and I'm pretty sure they got into the mobile check deposit thing like other big banks did.
  3. I'm asking this question in general but also to get some advice. I just graduated with a BS in psychology from a small liberal arts college and will be attending a PhD program in neuroscience at a large state university in the fall. I expect to have catching up to but I'm also the type who tends to really over-prepare. When I spoke with my advisor earlier this semester he said that he thought my background was fine and told me he'd prefer someone a little naive to methodoligies/background literature than someone who had been taught/learned something incorrectly. So, I want to en
  4. Jvcxk

    CV help

    Its about time to update my CV and I have a few questions: 1) Poster presentations at conferences a)Under what heading? Should I include university poster sessions? and if so, how should I call the poster session? 2) Potential dead-end manuscript I've been working on a paper for some time and have a decent manuscript, so I do mention it on my CV. However, my coauthor has seriously fallen out of touch and everything is at a stand still at the moment. Should I remove any mention of this project from my CV? 3) Describing duties/activities After all these years, I
  5. I applied and still haven't heard. I'm fairly certain they interview so at this point, I'd say at best you might be wait-listed. Looking at past years' results board, Austin seems to be a super-late notifier...but that's judging primarily from non-behavioral neuro programs. If you're not as lazy/socially awkward as I am, you should give their admissions office a call. (Or email your POIs)
  6. which program did you apply to UMD? i applied to cognitive & neural systems and still havent heard anything
  7. Jvcxk

    Milwaukee, WI

    I'm also seriously considering UWM but I don't really have much info to offer. I was told to avoid anywhere west of the river because there's more crime but I'm from NYC so I'm not sure that would bother me all that much.
  8. I think the ones without tanking displayed places below 200. They explain it somewhere in one of the links. That being said, not a fan of the methodology at all... Would not read much into these rankings. Excuse my ignorance but can some tell me the advantages/limits to discounting the highest and lowest responses ?
  9. Well, here's my most recent update Official Rejects: UVA U Mich. NYU Yale UC Boulder Still Waiting (but its getting late so assuming rejection...) UIC Columbia U Maryland UT Austin Boston College Semi-Accepted U. Chicago (applied for PhD, got accepted into the notorious MAPSS with 1/2 funding) Accepted U Wisconsin Milwaukee- neuroscience program- Just visited the school and was very impressed (esp since I had my reservations about UW MIilwaukee) but I'm excited and will likely end up here.
  10. So I have a question I'm a girl, about to visit a program (in the sciences) that I've already been accepted to. As far as clothes go, I'll be doing casual but presentable BUT I'm moderately-heavily tattooed (arms, neck, feet, etc). I can conceal everything as long as I'm wearing long sleeves and my hair is down (which I do for professional events) but I'm not sure how to approach it for visiting day. I guess I just don't have a clear grasp of how people view tattoos anymore- big issue? little issue? non-issue? Would it be a mistake to let a little art show? (e.g. wearing 3/4 length
  11. Bumping this up to this year's cycle. Theres a good chance I'll be headed to UW Milwaukee this fall.. anyone else?
  12. Possibly by waiting for them to give them any news concerning interviews first. I assume "how are you feeling about the process" is the standard question, while the interview question is reserved for those who have chosen to disclose such information. Edit:grammar
  13. I sent in the request today... hoping for the best! Ahh, close! I'm not looking for facial pictures, though. Thank you anyway!
  14. I know this isn't about grad school but thought this might be a good group of people to ask- I'm working on a study for one of my classes and will be asking people to rate affective pictures. I checked on the International Affective Picture System website, and they do offer access for free but the process required for access looks like it will exceed my time constraints (they say you will receive access "within 30 days"....) Somewhat bad planning on my part, I suppose, but I know that other databases exist!
  15. Did you apply to UT-Austin through the psych department or through the educational psych department? Just asking because I'm applied to one of their nonclinical areas in the psych department and have yet to hear anything or see anything posted on the results board.
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