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  1. Given your math minor, are you open to PhD programs in quantitative psychology with a clinical focus? Such programs would require far less research experience than a clinical-only program. You can look into UCLA and USC if you'd like to stay in California.
  2. I received an unsolicited email from an obscure open access journal seeking applications for graduate student peer reviewers. Is this opportunity worthwhile, or am I better off concentrating on my own courses, TAship, and research with my advisor?
  3. If you paid an application fee by credit card, file a chargeback.
  4. Listen to your adviser. You will have plenty of chances to attend conferences later on, at more appropriate times, in your PhD program.
  5. sdt13, I did a one-man post-acceptance visit earlier this month. Dressy made sense. (found by google image searching "short sleeve business casual") That said, for official recruitment weekends when you're not the only attendee, check your invitation for a dress code. One of mine specified casual, so I showed up in jeans and my college hoodie. In retrospect, looking at what others wore, this may have been too casual - if I could do it over, I'd at least pick a collared shirt, like a polo.
  6. Just signed on for psychology! Can't wait for August
  7. UNC, signed, sealed, delivered!

  8. Presented without comment. Released just hours ago, it's the first update in four years.
  9. 2. Concerning rent: $800 will get you a private bedroom in a modest apartment within walking distance to campus. My (undergrad) friends, all of whom walk to campus, pay anywhere from $350 to $1600. The low end requires cramming three people into a "vintage" one-bedroom apartment. The high end is a private studio at the luxury Park Evanston. 3. Students congregate near intercampus shuttle stops.
  10. I just got a UPS Delivery Alert on a package shipped from UNIV PENNSYLVANIA-OUTBOUND scheduled for delivery this Wednesday. Hmmmm...
  11. Go quantitative and minor in clinical. Apply to UNC and UCLA.
  12. Nope, quantitative. I don't pay much attention what ApplyYourself shows. I was told in January to expect an acceptance letter, which I received last week by email.
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