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  1. I'm 37 and I just finishing my undergrad degree. My age was not what kept me from getting into a PhD program this app round And, I was accepted to several masters programs. I don't think they really care about your age. The program I applied had most all students in their 30's. I don't look 'almost 40', but I certainly don't look 20 either and I fit in with the other people there just fine.. Just my 2 cents worth, hope it helps!
  2. Umm yeah.. This is a no brainer!! Take the B.A. in Psychology with a Development Psychology Concentration & A Clinical Human Services Concentration with Psych Honors!!!! You said the "Magic Words" earlier when you said it allows for more RESEARCH opportunities!!!! As we all know, no one has ever been turned down for not being political enough, but MANY have been turned for insufficient amount research experience!!!! (Sorry if I seem insistent, having a bad day and I came into this question with my panties in a bunch..lol.. That being said, GET THE DEGREE W/ THE RESEARCH OPPORTUNITY!!!!
  3. So, I am stranded on waitlist island and I it is taking everything inside me not call and email these schools everyday... ... Ok, its not THAT bad, but pretty close..lol.. So, any of you wonderful, future bright, shining grad students hear anything on the NCSU I/O waitlist front yet? Well, have ya, hugh hugh hugh?!?!
  4. I second the statement of needing AT LEAST a 150, but keep in mind that most programs say they want you above the 50%-60% for each section. The new GRE conversion chart shows: Verbal: 151 is 49% & 152 is 53%. The 150 is only 44% Quant: 151 is 48% & 152 is 52% Again, 150 is only 43% There is no in between..lol.. The ranks just hugely between a single point! That being said, the percentile ranks are set to change (AGAIN) in July this year. So, you may want to check into to make sure that the ranks haven't changed. So, realistically I would shoot for a Verbal:154 & a
  5. Still no news here.. Will you please post if you hear something? At least then it will put me out of my misery..lol.. I will know SOMETHING
  6. I am a bit of a rebel (i.e. stupid), and did not list a POI (you live and learn.. and when I have to reapply NEXT year, I won't make that mistake again ). My interests were stats/methods, measurement, selection, and recruitment. I had to go back in and look at the app because I could not remember who I had listed. That was the one that asked about hobbies.. I thought that was weird..lol.. But what ev..lol.. I would think that we SHOULD have an answer by the end of the week (just my assumption.. not based on any facts.) I am assuming this because they know for certain whether people res
  7. I second this... I am an undergrad and I have been doing "independent research" for a few years now and when I fill out the forms for IRB approval I list my mentor as a Faculty Supervisor and I am listed as Primary Investigator. Fortuatly for me, my faculty advisory gives me lots of autonomy and incourages research. Maybe it is different at your school
  8. Dr. Craig also informed me I was waitlisted (first cut).. I later emailed for an update and that was when I found out that the April 15th deadline did not apply to waitlisters.. So, now I am waiting... Again.. Who was your POI?
  9. I too was wondering what was going on with them.. Are you waitlisted? Heard any news?
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