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  1. He retired in about 2012. Your best bet is to look thru the APA Quant Psych Taskforce. It has a full census of Quant Psych Programs, but is only current as of 2010 -- http://www.apa.org/research/tools/quantitative/quant-task-force-report.pdf. Note that this is different from education psych programs. What I've been doing in for procrastination, is updating the list on Wikipedia. SO it ought to be more current -- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_schools_for_quantitative_psychology. Also, because the field is so small AND the applicant pool is as well, faculty tend to be
  2. So what were your GRE scores? Typically, you can use a master's GPA or kickass GRE scores to offset a subpar gpa. However, this only works if everything else is great. You do not mention your research experience or rec letters. Those two components tend to be even more important.
  3. Very very very unlikely. Most social psych programs will go to their waitlist for people they invited to interviews.
  4. Yep, at VU specifically. Once you select your program, the department can see what you've entered.
  5. Mine was a combination of a few things (in no particular order). 1) Funding. The program I chose offered me nearly twice the funding package, even without controlling for cost of living. (Once you controlled for cost of living, the offer difference grew even greater). 2) Feel of the department -- the department I chose felt fresher and less tired. Moreover, the faculty seemed much more invested in their students. 3) Research of my advisor. The research I would be doing was more interesting, and I could easily see how I could get a job with that research program. 4) Mentoring style -- b
  6. Faculty start seriously looking at applications on 12/1.
  7. You should definitely take your gres again. 5% and 25% percentile are really concerning to any phd program.
  8. Did anyone not get the email?
  9. Thanks for the reminder. Part of me has forgotten that I don't need it to get a tt-position down the road.
  10. 99.9% sure no one got them. https://twitter.com/RattleCall/status/427274395749330944
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