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  1. Hey Guys, The grad school I applied to wants me to come in and write an essay in person(other option was sending in GRE scores). If anyone has ever done this, how did you prepare for it? My friend who went to NYU had to do that during her interview process).
  2. Hi!! I hope you get good news as well!
  3. You should think about the program that is best suited for you as well as the one that is most affordable. It doesn't make sense to go to great a school and end up in a crap load of debt, especially if you're eventually going to go for a PHD. My older brother went to Drexel, it is one of the top schools for certain programs but depending on your program and how much that department gets is how big or little funding you'll receive(Enginnering and the sciences get the most from what I've heard). A friend of mine from college is from MA and went to undergrad ar the University of Delaware and grad school at the University of Penn for Social work and is in thousands of dollars in debt from grad and undergrad. My ex's ex went to Columbia for English and she can't find a job, and is in ALOT of debt.I'm just being honest, prestige isn't everything, you have to look at how it will affect you down the road Good luck
  4. I know for Drexel's clinical psych phd program in the results section they are listing interviews, rejections, and acceptances around feb 29th to now
  5. Sending out gre scores and transcripts while listening to Blow by Ke$ha

  6. I'm applying to a few schools in Philadelphia, my gpa not the greatest and my gre is lower than I'd like but I'm not giving up hope!
  7. I applied to a program at temple with a focus in behavioral sciences. I hate the waiting game, lol
  8. Hey guys, I have been seeing most post geared towards clinical, cognitive, social, and developmental, so where are my fellow educational applicants?! Come out of hiding, haha
  9. Has anyone heard anything yet? My app for Drexel was due Feb 1st and I have another for educational psych due March 1st. Don't lose hope guys!
  10. People go to Ivy league schools for the prestige and still can't find a job after graduating while others go to lower ranking schools and go on to have great careers. Don't go to a school that won't make you happy, high ranking or not. Study your ass off for the GREs, have faith in yourself and nothing can stop you!
  11. A friend of mine graduated from University of Penn with a Masters in Social Work. I know they gave her some money while she was studying there but not much and even had to take loans to pay for her apartment. But she also went to school out of state during undergrad and is still paying for that. If you can find a program that will fund you fully and don't have too many loans from undergrad, go for it. However, it is said that social workers take a lot for very little pay. But if it's your dream, nothing will stop you.
  12. If I get accepted into a program my job gives me money each semester for tuition and I'll just have to save up to pay for everything else. I can't afford to go to a unfunded program as I'm still paying loans from undergrad
  13. I was having a conversation with a friend one day about those applying to grad school while a senior in college vs those that have graduated for 2+ years and are now applying. Do you think working a number of jobs related to the grad program(I have worked as a research assistant in several cognitive labs as well as working in a clinical psych treatment center, children's care center, and currently as a technician for a very popular company-PM if you want details) you're applying to looks better than someone who has just come straight out of undergrad with a thesis and a few semesters of independent study? I understand it varies depending on the area of study and degree you're aiming for but in my friends eyes you look better as a canidate if you've done more things outside of undergrad. Thoughts?
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