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  1. Anyone else apply to U of Akron's Distance SLP program starting Jan 2020? I received an email stating they're doing interviews in the next few weeks. I'm eager to follow if anyone has heard anything (invites, acceptances, interviews, etc.) Good luck!!
  2. I was wondering if anyone can give me any insight into getting into a Psychology PhD program (particularly neuropsych) with a MS in Statistics. I have a bachelors in psychology and am working towards building my math and stats background. Seeing as how I am not able to foresee whether or not I will be able to commit to a 5-7 years phd program after a masters, I am forgoing my acceptance into a general psychology masters program to pursue a masters in stats (better job prospects and still satisfies my interest in research). Obtaining a PhD in psych is still one of my dreams that I hope I still may pursue, and I was wondering if anyone knows how a phd program may view someone with my background (BA in Psych, MS in Stats, & a couple years of research experience). Thanks!
  3. I have just been admitted into the Rutgers-Camden's MA psychology program. Can anyone provide any insight as to if this program is solid in preparation for a PhD program? Any insight on this program would be greatly appreciated! I also have reservations about attending school in Camden, as I am familiar with Camden's dangerous reputation. Can anyone attest to this campus' safety?
  4. Congrats, @psychsquirrel! Do you plan on attending? I will be visiting the campus soon to meet some students and faculty.
  5. Fortunately this region has many programs to choose from. I wish you the best of luck!
  6. @Psychologyandpizza I, too, am having a difficult time finding a good fit. Unfortunately I am restricted geographically so that makes it that much more difficult. I eventually would like to pursue a phd, but I believe I'll need a masters degree to make up for my low GPA. Good luck with hearing back from phd programs! I hope the application process for the masters programs goes smoothly.
  7. Within the next few months, my applications for general psychology MA/MS programs for Fall 2016 will be due. I am applying to Villanova, Rutgers-Camden, and Seton Hall (Behavioral Neuroscience concentration). I'm still trying to find some research-oriented psych programs in the area. I was wondering if any one out there shares my restlessness!
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