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  1. Hi all, I recently started my NSF GRFP stipend tenure (starting with summer tenure in June), and for the past two months, my stipend has been processed late/irregularly dispensed. I was told that my payment should be administered on the 1st of every month (when my rent and many of my bills are due; and when I previously got paid for my teaching stipend), but in June, I wasn't paid until June 7 because the office had some internal problems with processing my on-time paperwork. This month, it's already the 6th of July, and my payment hasn't even been processed (and it takes an additio
  2. Hi all, Has anyone attended the Woods Hole Workshop on Molecular Evolution? http://www.mbl.edu/education/courses/workshop-on-molecular-evolution/ I am curious if the program is more biased on training for major areas of molecular evolution/learning how to use popular software, or if its intended to help with data analysis of already-collected data sets. I am trying to decide if I should attend this year (when I am designing my experiments for thesis/have just taken pop gen and quals, and everything is fresh) or next summer (when I have more data). I can see learning what are the poss
  3. I am currently studying to take my quals this May, but I know of 3 people personally who failed their quals (physics, biology, and biology) in previous years. It happens, and in general, people don't like to talk about (so just know you aren't as alone as your might feel). All three people were both extremely smart and devastated by the fail. One failed seemingly because of nerves, and the two others were not aware that they were not well-studied enough in particular areas (their advisors were very hands off). All three passed on their second try. Take your exam again, maybe this time a
  4. It doesn't matter whether other people "think" the hugs were inappropriate or not; it's your body! Personally, I wouldn't want my advisor hugging me (especially around the neck, ew), especially if I thought it was going to evolve into a regular thing. If it makes you feel uncomfortable (as it would personally make me feel), you can either hint or directly tell them you "aren't a hug-y person" (sugar-coating it).
  5. When you are in a teaching/mentor positions above the student, it's highly unethical and gross. I realize this is an old thread, but I was searching the topic, because I was feeling EXTREMELY frustrated by male TAs talking about female undergrads that they felt were "hot" and whom they'd like to date or otherwise (I'm a female TA for the same class). I suspect there is still some sort of gender barrier among certain individuals, when it comes to understanding why it is unethical and crazy sexist to prey on and objectify your students like this. But even if you don't understand: please don't ab
  6. Thank you everyone who took the time to respond. I truly appreciate many of your kindness. I found a fourth lab to do a rotation with, but I'm lukewarm about whether I will be able to devise a thesis topic that I'm passionate about. It's probably too early to tell, but I am at a crossroads of trying to decide if I want to suffer through it, for the sake of getting a PhD, or try the difficult path of transferring. I'm not ready to give up my goal of research/a PhD however. But I do feel that, in order to be more happy, I need to do something to feel more in control of my life and my caree
  7. Sorry this is SO long, but I REALLY appreciate anyone who takes the time to read this!! I am a first year Molecular Biology PhD student in California, and I am amazingly unhappy with how my program has been going so far (ie, I have been miserable and often anxious/depressed). I keep trying to keep a positive attitude, but it feels like no matter how hard I work, things still aren't working out (and I don't feel very supported or valued by my department). I'm trying to be proactive about my anxiety, and I regularly see a therapist. There have been a string of events in my personal life–had
  8. Totally read this as "advisor blacked out," the first time around. Anyway, I had a somewhat similar experience. I chose a different school because I wanted a stable PI.
  9. Quick question! I have mostly a genomics background, and when I applied for NSF, I proposed a project under the specialization of genomics. I now think, however, that my phd will end up being more genetics/molecular bio, rather than genomics. Should I change my specialization from genomics to genetics, or does it really not matter? Also, I'm changing schools. What level of detail is expected for the "reason for change"? Thanks!
  10. I can't really speak to which is the better option, but I am also currently a TFA corps member and I did a DAAD fellowship (biology research) in Germany. I would do whatever option better fits your long term goals from a practical standpoint and happiness. CBYX seems like it might be better aligned. I don't imagine that you will have issues with acceptances into professional programs, if you were already accepted into both of these programs and if your experience is anything like my experience with PhD programs in science.
  11. (I was one of the lucky ones that got it ). I am very confused however, what it means to formally "accept the offer." I don't think I am going to attend the institution that I originally put on my application (after doing interview visits, it seemed like other schools were better fits). Also, I originally had my field as "genomics," but it seems that the PhD programs that I liked the most are molecular and cellular biology programs (whereas I would most likely end up doing more of a genetics or molecular biology type project). Do I still push accept and am I able to change the institution
  12. Dumb question: Does the email they send us have our decision, or are we redirected to sign into fastlane? (I don't remember my fastlane password, opps)
  13. I have a friend who is a current phd student on the organizing committee.
  14. I got word that all the genetics biosciences interviews were already sent out; thanks everyone for their responses in the meantime!
  15. I saw from the crowd source data that a lot of email interviews from Stanford Biosciences went out on Jan 9 (yesterday). If you haven't received an interview email by now, should you assume you won't get one? I was waiting on the home program of Genetics, via the Biosciences. I'm a bit bummed, but also I'd just really like to know so I can proceed with scheduling my interviews for other schools in the area/making travel arrangements. Thanks!
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