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  1. Rejecting my advisors admission offer

    I was able to hold off crying, until the moment it ended and walked away then burst out into tears as I left so he didn't see my reaction.
  2. Rejecting my advisors admission offer

    I agree, I was a bit wishy washy and unsure of what I wanted to do until recently. I don't necessarily think it would be an issue of recruitment since my school doesn't have people officially choose an advisor till 1 year is up, but I understand the frustration and disappoint that comes from me deciding to go elsewhere. Additionally, the time he will need to put in next year necessary to sway someone to choose him as a supervisor. I guess I just wasn't expecting such a negative response and had thought at the end he would still have my back for the decision. I was encouraged by every other professor to go to this school since it is a significantly higher ranked school and to get the opportunity to work with new people. I definitely do feel at fault since I had said it was one of my top choices until events happened that changed my mind and didn't properly communicate these feelings well enough given the distance. I guess, I just expected a bit more understanding in the end rather than so much frustration and disregard for my decisions and my reasons.
  3. Rejecting my advisors admission offer

    @ThousandsHardships and @thelionking thank you for your advice, unfortunately he wanted to talk about it and it ended up going really bad. Definitely cried after...feeling really regretful in how things ended and disappointed he wasn't okay with the decision.
  4. SSRHC 2017/2018 - CGS-M

    Just to add on to what sonsofeasterly said, but the awards are not departmental. It is possible to get rejected from a school, but receive an award (I know people this has happened to but they were rejected before notice of the award). However, normally once you receive an award the university is definitely inclined to accept you since you become essentially free! I would send an email asking for an update as well as mentioning that you received the CGS. Very likely to be accepted in this case.
  5. SSRHC 2017/2018 - CGS-M

    My department at my school has a copy of the waitlist and I was told a few months ago by my supervisor that if I didn't get it immediately to contact my department head and he would tell me where I stood. So your department may know, but once again at this point I think it varies greatly by university.
  6. Rejecting my advisors admission offer

    @thelionking yes you are essentially correct, except at my alma matter it would be a two year masters. Yes, he hopes I will remain and I wasn't sure which way I would go till I went to a school visit. "You have decided that you want to take a better offer at another school for your 1 year master's and you don't know how to break the news to him, You're also concerned about asking him for a reference for a PhD program in the near future because you will need to apply to PhD programs this fall which will begin in fall of 2018." Exactly the concern! The other school is offering me significantly more (more than 10K even with my alma matter's upped offer). Overall, it is a highly recognized school and since it is a shorter program will ensure I want to continue onto a PhD. I also really want to move for the first time and live on my own! That is true, I will reject the offer from the school on Monday. I just wanted to let him know ahead of time...I just feel so bad like I used him and all his effort in teaching me over the past 4 years. I honestly feel like I am betraying him by leaving
  7. SSRHC 2017/2018 - CGS-M

    A lot of alternates move up! I got offered the award at all my schools and will obviously only accept 1, so 2 will be given to alternates! I have also been told you can ask where you are on the list as well so you can get an idea of whether you will end up getting funding in the end! Fingers crossed it works out!
  8. SSRHC 2017/2018 - CGS-M

    Woot! Finally got into the website!
  9. SSRHC 2017/2018 - CGS-M

    Same! Site keeps crashing...
  10. SSRHC 2017/2018 - CGS-M

    It should be 12:00AM EST so less than 1.5 hours left!! Also to Adelaide9216, it is possible to be waitlisted!! For those that applied to multiple schools and reject offers then these will be re-distributed to students. However, I am not sure if it says whether you are waitlisted on the site or if you need to ask the university.
  11. I received an offer to a school that is stronger than my alma matter and is providing way more funding. My professor is on sabbatical so the conversation for decision hasn't been very organic. We have done some Skype sessions, but that definitely isn't the same as to just popping by their office to talk. My professor really wants me to work with him and has put in so much time into me...I just know he will be angry and since I decided on doing the masters, I will need him as a reference for re-applying this fall. I have so much anxiety on writing him this email to let him know....I don't know what to say to soften the blow. I said months ago that my alma matter was top, but that was more anxiety talking (not wanting to move & change). Should I mention I will be applying to grad school again this fall? Or wait for time to cool off? I am just scared that I am going to get a very terse response back and end our relationship completely that he totally disregards everything I do and screw myself over for re-applying to grad school. I realize so many people are like "professors want you to go to better schools" but this isn't the feeling I have gotten from my supervisor (he has pushed attending my alma matter for my PhD and that it is totally fine to do all your schooling at one school-- even though everyone says it isn't). Does anyone have any advice on what I can write or do in this situation? Honestly, my fear over his response has been the one thing that makes me want to stay at my alma matter even though I would be unhappy to stay here.
  12. SSRHC 2017/2018 - CGS-M

    This thread is referring to the masters level sshrc/nserc so i believe the notification process is also different from the doctoral. But it is specifically called the Research Portal on the govt of Canada website if you search it. However, given you didn't apply that way I don't think this is relevant to your application and you will likely get a response in the mail or email.
  13. SSRHC 2017/2018 - CGS-M

    No I haven't....not sure if that is a good sign, bad sign, glitch in the system or a particular school that submitted early!
  14. Got this email concerning CGS-M

    Hmm thats tricky. It could just mean you were nominated by the department, but then it goes to another stage beyond the department. At my school, in step 1 you have to be nominated by the department -- they get to choose a fixed number of students applications to nominate, then it goes to the next stage where you are basically in a pile with people across many disciplines (within your choice of SSHRC v NSERC groups). At least that it what my supervisor said our school does for CGS-M. However, you could always email them back and ask for clarification! Puts you out of the misery of waiting 2 more weeks and wondering what they meant!
  15. Asking for more funding -- when to ask?

    Yeah, I sent the one masters offer and the PhD offer to another masters program. I guess I should have just sent the masters offer since that alone topped their offer. Definitely see now it now as the wrong move, but I am truly considering the masters over the PhD since I didn't apply to many schools this year (got psyched out thinking I wasn't competitive enough since I heard so many 'horror' stories) so I feel if I do a masters, especially at this school which is higher ranked than my current school, that if I reapply next year I would do even better and have more competitive offers.