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  1. Hello previous applicants, I am a new SSHRC doctoral applicant here. I have a question regarding the "letter of appraisal". When I give each of my supervisors the letter of appraisal package for them to complete, should they only place the 1-page completed form in the envelope and discard the documents that I give them to complete the letter, OR should they include everything in the envelope? ...By 'documents' or 'everything' I am talking about the 1 copy of research contribution, the blank letter of appraisal form, program of study) Thank you! Some tips are a
  2. Finally got in research portal! I am offered and will be accepting! Yay! Good luck to everyone who's still trying to get on the site! My fingers are crossed for you all!
  3. Is anyone as nervous as I do? Good luck everyone! Fingers are crossed!
  4. I got that email this morning as well. I guess some schools and awards admins were confused about the release date, good that they cleared that out! 3 more sleeps!
  5. What's the chance of being offered an award Vs. being placed on the alternate list if you receive a letter stating you are ranked highly in the departmental and school level? Any thoughts?,--or is this just a formality referring that you are not deemed 'ineligible'?
  6. Hello everyone, Just an update to my previous post. So I spoke to the person that oversees the SSHRC-M in my uni. The admin confirmed that the result will be out on April 1st 12 AM regardless the statutory holiday. They will update everything by Friday which will go live at 12 AM on Sunday. They also told me that if you are deemed ineligible, you'll be receiving an email regarding the status update and your status will be changed before April 1 to e.g. "Ineligible (first class average)" (depending on how fast your uni updates the result on the system). All other updates other
  7. Was told by my uni that research portal will be updated on April 2nd instead of 1st because apparently, April 1st is a 'weekend' ... It's odd cause last year, April 1st was on a Saturday, and the result was updated then.
  8. Did anyone receive any emails/ heard anything from your department or awards office yet?
  9. Hello everyone! I thought to start this SSHRC-M thread for UofT. Feel free to join and let's wait it out together...!
  10. @Sasha_Grad Do you mind me asking when you received the email from your dept at uoft? I also received an email somewhere in Feb saying that my application passed the departmental level. But I haven't heard about it passing/not passing "the school" level as it is the next round of competition. I assume you received "the school level" email recently?
  11. I am wondering if previous applicants see a pattern/sign in which your application is likely to be offered an award. ...I am not sure if my question makes sense, hoping for a two cents tip for a piece of mind from your previous experiences.
  12. @venuswithabook Are there any changes in your research portal? I read from previous years' forums, some wrote that they find i.e., "ineligible (first class average)" mentioned on the application site even before April 1st. I read this from the 2017/2018 forum posted on March 22nd. Some also say, if you don't see anything, it's either you are being offered or being placed as an alternate, --or the school hasn't updated the result yet, in this case, you have to wait till April 1st.
  13. I didn't receive any emails from SSHRC Does this means bad? ... Or perhaps they do it by school? Any Toronto applicants?
  14. Papaya

    CGS-M 2015-2016

    Based on your experience, does this "yellow box" eventually shows the correlation to receiving the award? I have that showing in mine as well, but I wasn't paying attention since when it was there. --- I am waiting for mine ... Oh, this wait!
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