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  1. Thanks, you too! This is definitely the worst part of the process, I'm sure for everyone.
  2. Thanks for the info on FIU! I have not heard anything from Portland.
  3. Thanks for the feedback everyone! I feel like it's starting to get late in the game, but it's helpful to know that some of you are in the same boat :-) Has anyone heard from Florida International?
  4. Congrats on your offer! There are a lot of rentals like what you are describing. I agree with the other poster: check out craigslist. With Ag Econ, will you be on East Campus then? If so, even better. There are tons of small houses within a mile each direction. If you are on city campus, you may need to search a little farther out, but still possible. Hope this helps!
  5. So I am wondering if you all are still waiting to hear from schools, or if you have pretty much heard one way or another. I am still waiting on 7!
  6. There are a bunch of schools I have not heard from. I have heard stories of people either being rejected or waitlisted without ever actually being notified. You would think an application fee would at least buy you an answer one way or another!
  7. Has anyone heard from UNO or Florida International? Yes, it's exhausting!
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