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  1. Thank you @Duran0, you have provided great insight for some things I have been considering.
  2. No, Nebraska's POI is not well known I believe. This program at Nebraska is about three yrs old. The Minnesota program is well established and currently producing great research. The POI at Minnesota is publishing books, getting recognition for research initiatives on several levels.
  3. The rankings are for school and then program. Minnesota is ranked 26th public university, with the family science ranking 6th. Nebraska is ranked 51st as a public university, their family science program is ranked 37th. I want to work in industry, rather than academia. I am just wondering if name recognition would matter. I also received the $25,000 fellowship from Minnesota. Does going to the best program trump research fit (probably not).
  4. Hello Everyone, I have been been offered admission into two great (Family Science ) PhD programs that are fully funded. I was offered admission into the MA/PhD in Family Social Science at University Of Minnesota, stipend is $14,492 for 9 months, nominated for $25,000 fellowship. My issue is fit, meaning it isn't as strong as the fit I have with the POI at University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Nebraska is offering a $8,000 fellowship that is renewable for up to three years and a GA of $ 12,400 for 10 months. My research interests are mental health disparities. The POI at University of Nebraska-
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