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  1. abeilles

    Minneapolis, MN

    this comment is offensive & entirely unnecessary
  2. Just posting to disagree -- in my experience Cary is a quiet suburb, great for raising a family but not a whole lot to do
  3. yes!! maybe this is because a number of students come straight in out of undergrad and haven't had a lot of full-time work experience, but looking at job dissatisfaction in any one industry isn't going to tell you much if you don't look at job dissatisfaction as a whole
  4. abeilles

    Minneapolis, MN

    I'm getting increasingly nervous about finding an apartment from out of state --somebody talk me down! -I'm thinking I'll be looking for an August 1st lease -looking for a 1 bed likely in uptown or northeast (close to a bus line, since I'm car-less) -I'm hoping for sub-$900 (I'm sure I could go cheaper, but after seven years of roommates and shitty apartments I've started paying more for quality). It sounds like I should start looking around June 1st? I'm considering trying to book a weekend trip in june to look at places, but a. that means shelling out for a plane ticket (and using precious PTO!) b. I'm worried about signing on something just because it's the best I saw in those two days any/all advice is appreciated!
  5. Perhaps you're right! My SO went there for undergrad and said he was only able to park because he was taking evening classes, but perhaps he was wrong or things have changed!
  6. Have you looked into getting parking at BC? It can be pretty tough
  7. I'll be paying 5% of the cost of my health insurance, but there's no vision or dental and (for someone with terrible vision and crappy teeth) that's extremely frustrating!
  8. abeilles

    The "Sequester"

    I have one POI waiting on an NSF and another waiting on DOD funding -- and neither can give me a firm offer until the budget is resolved!
  9. I'm leaning strongly towards U of M at this point, but I'm getting increasingly anxious about trying to find an apartment from out of state! It looks like classes start 9/3 -- do leases pretty much always start on the 1st of the month? would everyone recommend moving in a month early (8/1)? obviously I'd prefer to save money but I can see it being a bad idea to move in and start classes two days later. I've been told that most grad students, at least in my program, live in Uptown. it's looking like my SO is going to be staying in New England, so I'm trying to figure out whether a 1 bed would be affordable... I'd really rather not deal with roommates anymore -- I spent six years of my life living with at least 3 other people and I'm over it. I've been cruising craigslist and it looks like I'd probably be paying around $900 for a decent 1-bed in Uptown -- does that seem reasonable?
  10. I worked full-time and did my master's part-time... it was awful but I couldn't have afforded it otherwise
  11. my offers have been between $17k and $28k. I think I can easily make it work in an area with a lower cost of living, but $17k here in Boston would be tough (thankfully, the programs I've been accepted to are in cheaper areas!)
  12. abeilles

    Minneapolis, MN

    what would be a good time to start looking at apartments for the fall?
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