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  1. So I've been accepted to three PhD programs that were not on the top of my list. I've also just been accepted to NYU's general master's program. I'm tempted to do the masters and use the experience I gain to get into a better PhD program in two years. Is this absolutely crazy? The major cons are money: I would have to take out a ton of loans to get through the masters, and would be passing up on a funded PhD opportunity. Another drawback is that I'd essentially be adding two more years to my PhD trajectory. Any advice is appreciated.
  2. i published my senior thesis as a first author in a top-tier journal in the years between undergrad and grad school. Like others have said, just send it out to the best journals out there and hope for the best! good luck!
  3. I just learned that I'm on the wait list. I applied to the Social area and have not been in contact with my POI. Does anyone have an idea of the acceptance rate from a wait list?
  4. Hi all, I received an unofficial offer of admissions to a Social Psych Phd program. My POI asked me to list anything else that might sway me to accept the offer. He included summer funding and a release from TAships as two examples. Other than those two he mentioned, I couldn't think of anything else that might be within the realm of possibility to even ask for. Does anyone else have any ideas?
  5. could the person who posted the tufts waitlist please pm me your poi and whether or not you interviewed? thanks!
  6. i haven't heard anything - anyone else?
  7. Anyone who's heard from NYU social - could you please let me know your POI? Also - Does anyone know what's up with Tufts? I saw they sent out an email that decisions would be available soon, but I didn't get that email - is anyone else in the same boat?
  8. Any advice for emailing POIs or maybe just the admissions coordinator to check in about the status of my application? For at least one of my top choice programs it seems like some people have already been invited to interview. I'd like to know if all interview invitations have been extended (and thus, if I should stop hoping...) or if I still have a shot.
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