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  1. http://www.lmgtfy.com/?q=what+is+the+difference+between+master+in+finance+and+master+in+finance+engineering%3F
  2. http://www.lmgtfy.com/?q=list+of+universities+that+have+the+master+degree+in+finance
  3. Westbay Club was more selective with their rental decisions in the past but nowadays they take who they can get. If I had to choose between Westbay Club and Ramblewood I would choose Ramblewood. You're closer to the supermarket and the mall at Ramblewood, and the property has held up a bit better than Westbay Club imo. If you're already looking on the west side of Lansing, I recommend Canal Club and Canal Club 2. It will cost you a bit more but you'll be closer to the highway but still not far from shopping and what not. It might be difficult getting into those properties with such little
  4. Ramblewood in Lansing? It's a bit hit or miss there - it really depends on your building.
  5. 600 is low if you want to live by yourself in EL. With a roommate that would be more than fine. You need to find a place NOW. As in, today. You're going to be hard-pressed to find anything this close to the start of fall semester.
  6. I am the lizard king. I can do anything.
  7. Todavía debería ser "well." Adverbio versus adjetivo.
  8. Find a beater bike and a large parking lot. Bring a couple of friends to hold you up while you go slowly on the bike to get used to the feeling of it. You are going to fall. Accept that fact now, and use the falls as lessons. After a few sessions with friends, you should be able to handle practicing alone in the parking lot. Practice taking off, stopping, etc. Do not ride on the street or around pedestrians until you are comfortable with maneuvers.
  9. Episode IV was released in 1977.
  10. If you already have the Stewart textbook, you can use it as a resource to get you up to speed with polar coordinates. It's a very well written resource.
  11. You will not need to know matrix multiplication on the way in the door for the material covered in Stewart's text. You'll develop the necessary basics of linear algebra - euclidean distance, inner product, cross product, etc - during the course. Do go back and review differentiation and antidifferentiation. For now, you can set aside the material on sequences and series, although I *highly* recommend that you review that because it will come back farther along in your studies. I highly encourage you to review implicit differentiation, the chain and product rules of differentiation, 'u-substiti
  12. Which textbook will you be using for the course?
  13. 600 for a one bedroom is possible but somewhat tricky here. Try looking at units along Gorman or Avent Ferry to start. Edit: Even if you are near undergraduates, I don't think it would be an issue. Things are pretty tame around campus. I was worried about near to the dudebro party scene but, honestly, students here are pretty well behaved.
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