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  1. Hi guys, I have already accepted and sent my deposit to my school of choice....but the other program that accepted me & offered a scholarship expected their decision by April 15 (as usual). It has slipped my mind to respond to them! Is it too late today to kindly reject their offer?? How do you handle this?
  2. The facilities are beautiful, aren't they??!! So excited. I committed too
  3. Perfect answer. Thank you. I'm a big advocate of following your dreams. Even in the face of people questioning how I'm ever going to make enough money once I'm out of grad school and making my way into the journalism world. It's not about money, it's about doing what you love.
  4. Thank you. I agree and also am unsure of what an MA in liberal studies would grant someone in their career. I just wanted to have someone else reassure me I'm making the right decision by choosing NYU!
  5. Same! Updated my Facebook & even my Google+. I want the world to know!!!!!
  6. I'm looking for some feedback: how do The New School & NYU compare to each other? I've always had NYU as my ultimate dream school. But I know that The New School is also a really great school with tiny classes and creative thinking. The NYU program I'm admitted to is solely for journalism. At The New School, I was admitted to Liberal Studies. Does that sound more of a leisurely degree to get--something just for mental stimulation? Or could it be useful? Does one of these schools have a better reputation than the other?
  7. Amid the excited exclamations of 'congratulations' come the dreadful words I don't want to hear: "Journalism's a dying field." "Are you sure that's the field you want to go into?" "How useful can that degree be?" I know you guys must have heard this too while discussing your acceptance/school plans. I mean, I am completely aware that journalism is a tough world to be successful in, and that it's 'dying'--or at least changing a lot. I was told today by my boss "Magazines are getting thinner. Everyone's writing on blogs." Yet he also said he doesn't want to "throw cold water on [my] passion.
  8. Hi! From what I've read on journalism program websites, it seems your undergraduate major is not that relevant. I would just recommend perfecting your statement of purpose to show your excellent writing skills and to explain why you're so interested in journalism (& what you expect to do in the field). It would also be extremely helpful to get some stellar teacher recommendations. Ask them to highlight your writing talents. Choose your best essays as writing samples and maybe try to provide some on a variety of topics to show your flexibility. Also, your experience is very relevant. So
  9. For those of you who are going to work / do work part-time jobs during school, what type of job is it?
  10. Masters students out there--do you work while you attend school? Do you have a part time job? Full time job? Attend school full or part time? Do you have any loans taken out to help with living expenses? My program requires students to attend full time so I don't know how I'm going to keep my job/get a new one/support myself. Major dilemma and I'm really freaked out.
  11. Thank you, that's very helpful. I am hoping to make this work by perhaps keeping my job part-time, but it's good to know that loans should be able to let me survive if I can't do so!
  12. I just found out that I cannot attend my journalism program part-time. My original plan was to continue working at my full-time job and attend school part-time. Guess this is no longer an option. I live in NYC and I must pay rent & living expenses. Fortunately, I was offered a scholarship that covers tuition for the first 2 semesters (and there are only 3 semesters to the program). Would I be able to get a student loan simply for my expenses outside of school? I'd only be in school for a year & a half....please help me, I don't want to have to turn down this opportunity There
  13. When I attended a class, there were like 5 or 6 people in it. I'm sure there are never more than 15-20 as the poster above said.
  14. I don't know much about the Syracuse program, but NYU does teach you about the changing world of journalism too. They have weekend workshops that deal with HTML and other web-based skills, classes solely focused on social media, & much more. Also, all of the professors are either staff writers at major publications or have worked for them before. They are major. NYU is definitely top notch with its connections to the most renowned journalism outlets. I sat in on a class recently and the professor writes for Vanity Fair, used to write for the NY Times, & there was a guest speaker
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