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  1. Thank you so much for these replies. Also, thanks for the website link! I hadn't seen it before. I guess while I'm at the RMV I should pick up one of those liquor permits. Not to sound like a raging alcoholic or anything...but I can see myself becoming seriously annoyed if I'm not allowed into a bar with a valid out-of-state license! I like the idea of parking my car overnight at a T station. I kept trying to explain to the woman at city hall that I was trying my best do park legally (I'm pursuing a degree in ethics, after all!) but she kept telling me that my best bet would be to park il
  2. So I have a question about parking... I'm moving to Brighton this Saturday. I've recently been informed that I will need a residential parking permit to park in Brighton outside of my house. To obtain this permit, I need to have Massachusetts registration and insurance. Unfortunately, because I am moving in over the weekend, all RMVs are closed (and Monday is a holiday.) On Tuesday classes begin and I have meetings, orientation and class from 11am until 6:30pm. Thus, I don't think I will be able to get my registration and make it over to City Hall for my permit until Wednesday. I c
  3. Thanks so much for the advice everyone! I have officially started looking in Brighton. It just sounds like that might be the most convenient for me.
  4. Maybe it's different for grad students? Either way, definitely worth looking in to because if you're right, that makes a huge difference as far as housing goes! Thank you for the heads up!
  5. Thanks! Hopefully all of my classes will be at strange, off times. I haven't registered for anything yet. I might take a class or two over at Harvard, as well... Oh no, really? I talked to a few grads and they mentioned BC parking being very affordable and they all had passes. I didn't know there was any competition! Hmmm.
  6. Thanks! That transfer might be a pain. Hmmm. I will definitely have to check this out.
  7. Thanks! It looks like I'm less than half a mile from the 71 stop on Mt. Auburn Street. I will be going to Boston College. I will also have a car (with a parking spot at the house I'm looking at and a parking spot on campus.) How do-able is driving from Watertown to Newton with traffic and all? Would you recommend taking that 71 bus instead? I'm not even sure if the 71 is "the T".
  8. Does anyone have any thoughts on living in the Watertown area? I found a pretty inexpensive room for rent there but I have no idea what the neighborhoods are like.
  9. As far as building relationships with professors, this has also mostly been my experience. Significant contributions to class discussions are often the best way to initiate relationships with professors. As far as forming professional relationships with other students... the situation may be different depending on the ethos of the program. Does your department have a graduate lounge? If so, sometimes these are great places for students to connect with others in the department and also to form a community. At my alma mater, the grad lounge was basically where everyone congregated, shared id
  10. That is more than enough to live on in Pittsburgh. You can find a studio in Shadyside or Squirrel Hill for $600-$800. They are probably even cheaper in Oakland, but Oakland is a bit loud and full of undergrads. You might benefit from checking Craigslist if you haven't tried that already.
  11. Now that it's public knowledge... Boston College: Theological Ethics
  12. Ahhhh one of the schools I declined an offer to apparently did not receive my official statement. I just sent another e-mail to clarify and decline so hopefully a spot opens up for someone!
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