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  1. Ugh. I'm there too, well not with the GRE but with the coursework. Everything seems so important, like one misstep and it's not going to happen. I know that's not true or right, but I am feeling it and it is kind of stressful. On the other hand, I'm loving the readings and class and just being back in school. So I'm just concentrating on the positive and slowly planning for my applications.
  2. I think it kind of depends on what degree you're going for. If it's an MDiv, most of the time, your questions are best sent to the admissions folks. If it's a doctoral program, then reach out to your POI but don't ask them anything that you could/should be able to figure out from the website.
  3. Picture a square with a diamond inside it, where the diamond is obviously smaller because it is fully contained within the original square and there is leftover space at each of the main square's corners. It sounds like this might be what is being described, and in this case the area of the inside square is half of that of the main square (you can visualize this by drawing lines connecting the corners of the diamond, in which case you get 8 equal triangles, four of which are inside the diamond) What was the actual question?
  4. Hi and welcome! A couple of thoughts.. Nobody is perfect and EVERYONE comes to their MDiv studies with some stuff behind them. How you deal with it all is evidence of maturity and stability. Some degree of openness is expected and necessary, both for the MDiv application process and for development and personal growth. Forgiveness is not going to be an issue. However, one mark of genuine healing and growth is the ability to move beyond important issues. There's a lot more to you than your history as an alcoholic who made some poor choices. If you can let your whole self show in the applica
  5. Thanks, everyone. Right, off to revise my reading strategy. I'm going to try 1) reading reviews, 2) skimming before engaging, and 3) explore growly/mendeley.
  6. Question: how do you read? I'm having to read and absorb a lot of pages of new material and things are starting to blur together. I need a better system for processing the sheer volume of stuff that's being tossed at me these days. In my previous degrees, I would just sit down with the materials and a highlighter and go through it all. At the end, I'd be done. Easy. Now, I need to retain more AND cover a higher volume Should I be rereading stuff once I finish my first thorough pass through the material? Taking notes? Rereading and taking notes? What am I not doing? I would ask th
  7. Thanks, Joel. As always, that's really good advice. A bit frustrating to consider that fit isn't always bout you and your interests/abilities, but important. So I suppose that, as with most things, doing your homework is really important. Research, research, research doctoral applications. You know, it's funny. I keep hearing from faculty and doctoral students here how the application process itself is like having another course in terms of effort and research. And yet there are a couple of people in my program who have already been through a round of doctoral applications and are telling
  8. Well, considering that a lot of us will be applying to programs in places where we've never been, I don't think the analogy works. And even if we were talking about dating, it is possible to name some of the variables at work in relationships that last...
  9. I keep hearing about "fit" as an undefined quality that somehow makes the difference between in and out for doctoral applicants. What is it? Perfectly aligned research interests? A sense that you'll do well with the community life, other students, faculty etc? Ontological perspective? Pixie dust? I'm curious about what people think goes into "fit" that is somehow separate from finding an appropriate adviser and making the grade academically. Any insights?
  10. Many institutions post the average stats for incoming students in previous years. I would suggest that you look up those numbers and see how close you are. If you're not in the general area, then you might want to retake. Honestly, your stats aren't great but they're not horrific either. It really depends on where you're applying. Good luck!
  11. Yes it matters. If you are below the minimums for the places where you are applying, the scores can be used to eliminate you. Good scores won't guarantee admission, but bad scores can keep you out.
  12. Can I play? I think I've decided not to apply this fall, but I'm starting extra-early to put stuff together for an application the following year, and I'll be going through all the steps in anticipation of 2014. Plus, there's still a possibility that I will get stuff sorted out and do it after all... Why am I waiting, you might ask? Because my languages are insufficient and I could use a couple of more current references. I'm doing a couple of courses this year, but I also have a job and family commitments, so it seems sensible to do this slowly and do it right. Where applying? Duke (Div S
  13. Hi, I'm also working (and taking a course) and I'm scheduled for April. I don't need the scores yet and I would prefer to spead out my studying and work around my job, class and life stuff. I suppose it depends on how well you want to do and what you need to learn to get there, but 8 weeks would not be enough time for me. One thing I am doing is I signed up for magoosh and I'm listening to their lectures during my commute to work. I drive, so I can listen to stuff but I can't read or do problems, so magoosh works for me.
  14. Rose Egypt, how are things there now? The news reports still don't look great but it's hard to know what the actual situation is. Are you ok?
  15. I can't see why you wouldn't try to go for the best possible institution. Apply for some TT programs, as well as some less ambitious places and see how it goes. Since you seem to be worried that you won't get in, why don't you get in touch with some of the departments and academics that you would love to work with? Ask them (instead of us) about your chances and your fit with their department.
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