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  1. torontonian27

    Toronto, ON

    Anywhere between 25-40 minutes, depending on where you are getting off. For example, 25-30 minutes usually to get to St. George station (which I would consider the first 'downtown' station if traveling southbound) and 35-40 to get to Union station (south most station). Travel time is also impacted by rush hour etc., but I think that's quite a universal phenomenon!
  2. Toronto also has a strong Sanskrit culture, especially in terms of its archival resources. You might want to consider the Department for the Study of Religion at U of T as a potential place to pursue a MA.
  3. torontonian27

    University of Toronto - 2018

    My department is having a meet and greet weekend in March, so will pop by for some free lunch.
  4. torontonian27

    University of Toronto - 2018

    Haha, where are you from? I have been in Toronto for a decade, and at UofT for most of it so I feel right at home. That being said, Toronto (in general) is quite welcoming and I am sure you will fit right in! The MI is a great program, and highly rated by some of the librarians I've worked with (as a student assistant) so there's that! I'm sure that the open house will have some faculty interaction, so that might be a good opportunity to interact and mingle
  5. torontonian27

    PhD Applications Fall '18 Season

    Congrats, Muse! What stream did you apply to?
  6. torontonian27

    University of Toronto - 2018

    Hi @BooksUponBooks, Congrats on your acceptance! I'll be starting at the Department for the Study of Religion as a doctoral student so pretty excited about that! Does your faculty have a visit weekend coming up in Feb/March?
  7. torontonian27

    PhD Applications Fall '18 Season

    Just submitted my application to the Department for the Study of Religion at the University of Toronto! Here's to waiting until February...
  8. torontonian27

    University of Toronto 2017

    Hi all, I will be an incoming graduate student at the Department for the Study of Religion. I am from Toronto, so if anyone of you is already here and wants to grab a drink (preferably beer), let me know!
  9. torontonian27

    Toronto, ON

    So... I took up road biking as well. I've applied for Grad House residence, and was wondering what option (if any) you ended up going with to store your road bike? My back up is to leave it at my friend's apartment near campus, but I would obviously prefer not to both him every morning at 5:30am. Any word of mouth stories about how safe the Grad House bike room is (from your time there)?
  10. torontonian27

    Toronto, ON

    Depends on where in Toronto you'd like to live! Usually, rents (for rooms) in the downtown core are in excess of $750+ (will ofc necessitate transit expenses) whereas you'd be able to find a room in the Village (near York U) for around $550+. As a single person, I usually budget $300 for food per month and am able to stick to it by cooking at home, snagging deals, buying in bulk etc. If you have specific questions, let me know!
  11. torontonian27

    Toronto PhD?

    @8bdk477 It's honestly been great. I am an 'older' student so more appreciative of the strength of the department in terms of faculty, research area, and the like. It's a tightly knit community, inclusive, and available when you need it to be! For sure, let me know how long you are in town for next weekend's event for admitted students. I can definitely do beer either Thursday evening or Friday evening. Happy to talk about rent advice, general Toronto questions etc. as well.
  12. torontonian27

    Toronto PhD?

    Not a graduate student (yet), but one of the handful of undergraduates at the Department for the Study of Religion. If you are down to grab a beer let me know!
  13. torontonian27

    Canadian Schools?

    UofT has not sent out decisions yet.
  14. torontonian27

    Toronto, ON

    Hi gadfly, I ran a quick comparison between http://www.toronto.climatemps.com/sunlight.php and http://www.detroit.climatemps.com/sunlight.php and turns out you definitely have more sunlight in Ann Arbor :/ Now I have the blues and want to move...
  15. torontonian27

    PhD Applications Fall '17 Season

    Brings back memories of waiting for an owl when I turned 11. It never came

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