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  1. NWU, UCLA, and Rice have already made decisions.
  2. Submitted all my applications during Thanksgiving Break, and now... I am waiting for a single letter of rec submission to complete my application
  3. Today I found out that I passed my French proficiency exam, thus satisfying my language requirement for graduation. I am taking Portuguese this semester (and in the Spring), but due to my full schedule I am thinking about dropping it. What is the general attitude towards a W on graduate transcripts? Should I mention it in my SOP? My MA GPA is 3.95, so Im concerned that because I don't practice my Portuguese often it will drastically hurt my GPA.
  4. Great advice from everyone =) Thanks! Welcome Bridget H!
  5. I emailed a POI a month ago and never received a reply. I briefly introduced myself, mentioned my plans to apply to the program, and then concluded by asking if the POI was accepting new graduate students. When should I send a second email? I would like to know, for sure, if each POI that I selected is accepting a new grad student, which is the purpose of my emails. EDIT: Just to be clear, there is no information on the website or their page.
  6. intextrovert gave some brilliant advice here ... I formatted my MA SOP in a similar structure - Focus, Fit, Future. Im doing the same now for my PhD SOP =) If anyone is interested in swapping SOP send me a PM!
  7. Question for everyone: Out of curiosity, what type of writing sample are you submitting - original research seminar paper, thesis, book review, historiography, etc?
  8. I appreciate the offer and will definitely message you in the coming weeks.
  9. Hello, hello! I am also looking at the US South of the 19th century, though I am focusing on the history of slave families and enslaved youth. Still in my early stages of putting together my apps, so I am still searching for programs/POIs. If anyone has suggestions, feel free to post/PM. As always the app season is both exciting and scary, but hopefully it goes well for all of us.
  10. Unfortunately, I do not know of any cheap, safe storage units in Bloomington. I suggest googling and reading reviews
  11. The city takes good care of the roads during the winter season. Snowplows clear the streets as early as 5:30am, however if you're coming from Cali make sure you trade in your low-profile tires for all-season. Even with clear roads, your car will encounter ice and when it does you need friction to stop safely. All you have to do is look at the writing on your tires to know what type they are. Also, you will need an ice scrapper, which you can buy for less than $10 in town. I have two suggestions regarding the winter. First, make sure you have warm clothing by early November because you will wake up one morning with two inches of snow and no warning. You can find places to buy clothes in town. I shopped at Kohls because I have a card+purchase points. Theres also Target, thrift stores, and little momma-papa shops all over the town. Second, buy a portable $15-30 room heater Finally, if you're near the beach make sure you enjoy while you can. I was a huge Venice beach bum, and oh, do I miss it.
  12. I was in your shoes ... err flipflops when I moved from LA to Btown. Make sure you have good shoes (Converse won't suffice, I tried), an exterior waterproof thin (or thick) jacket, and dress in layers. Also, buy 2-3 tights to wear under jeans or dress pants; scarf and a few stylish beanies. Be prepared for all kinds of weathers, from Wizard of Oz-like windstorms and thunderstorms to random humid heat spells.
  13. Sounds awesome! I am very jealous.
  14. Welcome! I too came from SoCAL and it definitely is a change of scenery.
  15. I second ... or third, .. working with Dr. Resendez and Dr. Oropeza. I knew them during my undergrad years at UCD, and they're fantastic people! I don't study Mexican/Chicano history, so unfortunately I cannot speak for their scholarship but it seems other people already have =)
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