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  1. When I applied (two years ago) there was an official waitlist, and they notified me via email. I'm guessing that is probably the same?
  2. cohorts aren't as big as they used to be so sometimes only a few are on grad cafe. I know in my application year (2014) they took 10 (at least that is what they told me!) I don't mean to be a downer just trying to provide info! Also anyone with questions about IU, feel free to be in touch.
  3. I would just focus on responding to their questions. It just so happened that the questions were more historiographically/terminology based than I had expected rather than centered on if the program was a good fit. It seems to be the case for other people too so far. I think they want to see how you think. I would be prepared for both!
  4. I did last cycle! They asked me many questions based on terminology and the historiographical changes in my field/those terms...you're not alone!
  5. did you email them when you submitted your application? when was the deadline? if a professor asked me to do that, I would email them and let them know I submitted my application and that I was still very excited (in a more tame way obviously) to work with them/interested in their program. I would reply to the thread we had already started together so they could remember who I was. Hope this helps!
  6. For my first round of applications, where I only got in 2/10 after graduating from a very small liberal arts college, I called every school and asked why I was rejected. 6/10 said they did not even read my application because they did not know my school. I appreciated their honesty and picked up an MA from a state school. This drastically changed my second application cycle, and I had choices between a few top programs in my field. (humblebrag for information's sake ). The MA made all the difference.
  7. that must be what you are searching because it is definitely a large field. I can follow up with more later but I'd scan Ethnohistory, William and Mary Quarterly, and state journals in your region of interest to start. These are all scholars working in later time periods but Dan Richter, Dan Silver, Nancy Shoemaker, Claudio Saunt, Juliana Barr, Christina Snyder, Susan Sleeper-Smith, Robbie Ethridge, David Nichols, James Brooks, Karl Jacoby, Kathleen DuVal are all scholars who explore these kinds of themes and there are many, many more. I have tried to vary this list regionally as well.
  8. Hello! we have similar research interests (though differing geographically and temporally). I study early American and Native American history (particularly mid-eighteenth and into the antebellum era but I am still narrowing this) in the Ohio River Valley. I am very interested in relations between Euro-Americans and Native peoples and in particular thinking about captivity, slavery, kinship, and race. More than willing to chat!
  9. IU Bloomington does not fund all or even most of their MA students...
  10. No need to worry really there are still seats open in the class. I'll see you there
  11. Quick notes from being Waitlisted at michigan: you could get a call on April 15 so keep that in mind. Also it's not in only based on a ranked order; for you to get in someone in your field has to reject. This is how wait lists at many schools work, but I know this is how Michigan's work from faculty there. Best of luck to you all!
  12. IU doesn't do a visit weekend but they do schedule many individual visits for students working around your schedule. I got my offer letter a few weeks after receiving that very same email so I hope for the same for you! What is your field/POI at IU?
  13. I was absolutely exhausted on one visit, and then they took me out for Italian. So first of all carbs are going to put me to bed. Then they (2 profs) insisted on getting a bottle of wine for us, though I kept telling them I was fine..I mostly didnt want to fall asleep mid conversation or over the drinks we were getting AFTER dinner ha!
  14. One funny note about campus visits...get ready to get STUFFED. They feed you so much and very well because they want to impress you (at least on the visits I went to). Enjoy being on the other side of things...now they get to make YOU want to choose THEM!
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