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  1. Congratulations to those who have been accepted! I am a current first year MPP student at the Goldman school and I would be happy to answer your questions or refer you to relevant individuals. This forum was useful to me around this time last year and I am feeling nostalgic. Best of luck to the rest that are waiting to hear back!
  2. Hello, current GSPPer here. I am not sure if it is too late to respond but I approached the PHS as answering "why" and giving more of my personal background and using the SOP as the "what" and "how" when describing my motives to receieve an MPP. I made sure to emphasize the useful skills I had to offer in the SOP and how I wanted to build on this and bridge it into my future, also identifying an area in the field where I could make a difference. I think it helped to use both as halves of a larger whole, with the PHS leading to the SOP. To be sure, the PHS prompt may have been different in
  3. Feeling burnt out and classes haven't even started...

  4. Yea, for some of the reasons mentioned above we are going the full service route. Both my current and future lodging consists of stairwells to the entrance, and with furniture it is bound to be a pain. I've heard before that paying a little more is worth the cost of all that effort and the possible obstacles that can come along the way. I havent seriously contacted companies and my move is 2 weeks away, i'm getting slightly nervous. it's been one of those projects where the workload seems so big that you ironically put it off. hopefully I'll get on that asap...anyhow I'll post an update w
  5. That sounds awful! And probably pretty common. Good to keep in mind for the future and check with them in advance. This is all really helpful advice. In looking at the inventory lists they provide, I really haven't had a clue about how many boxes my place would take up. Some of them have been recommending an in-person review to generate a quote, which I've been wary of, but in light of this I might consider going for that after all. After submitting my information to moving.com I was inundated with emails and phone calls from different companies and it has been kind of overwhelmin
  6. Although I’ve seen topics covering moves in this forum, I thought I would start a thread specifically treating the subject of moving companies. For those whom have used them before, what was your experience like? How did you go about choosing a moving company, and what did you do to cut costs? Anything you would have done differently? Currently I am preparing a move from central Texas to the bay area in California. I have some treasured furniture that was a gift, and under the circumstances I got them, I’d rather not part with them. I will probably take a full living room set and a bedroom
  7. Hi there, I also have yet to find housing. However, I adjusted my lease availability from August 1 to July 1 and have been getting a lot more hits on my housing wanted ad. I can only guess it will be like this for August once July rolls around. I have a really promising meeting this Saturday with a prospect that got in touch so me via cal rentals. It's ~$700 in the gourmet ghetto which sounds like a great deal for a great location. I'd say $20 is worth it if it means improving chances....I guess we'll see how it goes! Have you made a housing wanted ad? I've gotten literally every apartment i
  8. I now get why this thread is generating so much discussion! After going through tons and tons of sites (and even returning a purchase) I finally ordered what I was looking for: http://www.fjallraven.us/pages/kanken I wanted a laptop-sized backpack that was cute, comfortable on my back, and durable. This one is all that, and water repellant as well! Plus its swedish so that just naturally makes it cooler
  9. Will probably go on a family trip in the time between work and grad school...getting worried I wont have enough time to find housing

  10. Hi Gnome, my interests swing more toward domestic policy, so Americorps just aligned better with my professional trajectory. I had spent the prior 2 years researching education policies and knew I was going for an MPP, so I wanted to use that 1 extra year to work directly in schools and gain credibility. I had considered peace corps before going down that route...but based on my lessons from studying abroad in central america, I felt Peace Corps would be too destabilizing for me and I wasn't ready to make that 2 year commitment. In short, it's been about where I am mentally and professiona
  11. Are you looking to take the course for credit, or just to prepare on the subject matter? I am using this free MOOC course for the latter: http://www.saylor.org/courses/ma121/. It's free and self-paced, which is nice for me since I don't want to start stressing over school and deadlines sooner than I need to. I found it by googling "mooc intro to statistics" and sorting through options. good luck!
  12. Congratulations! Did you move in immediately, or are you holding it for move-in come August? I'm hoping to do something like the latter so I'm curious how that would work...
  13. Hello Oscar, congratulations on your acceptances! They are definitely commendable. I just wanted to comment that you may be overstating the costs of GSPP. I was under the impression that GSI/GSR positions are fairly obtainable for GSPP students and this was reinforced on admitted students day, which I just got back from. They mentioned that about 60 percent of students take on these positions. Some choose not to apply, but for others they did mention that sometimes there's a conflict in scheduling that may get in the way of it, etc (in other words, it's not 100% guaranteed). I presume yo
  14. Oh shoot. Totally slipped my mind to be candid but with caution...I guess I can't turn back To be fair, I do not regret signing up for the program! As I said I find both good and bad in it. Also that is a good point concerning the hours, my program does not require volunteers to fulfill a set amount of hours so that is a difference. I hope for the best for the both of us as well!
  15. First if there is anyone on the thread that could give BUSYBEV a +1 that would be great, I accidentally gave him/her a -1 when I meant to do a +1, And it won't let me reset Stupid Ipad! Hi there busybev, I bolded the text of yours that I felt applied to my situation, but pretty much all of it resonates with me! If I was looking at this as my actual profession and not a professional (provisionary) experiment, I would have quit months ago. I spoke to our director about the conflicting dates between class and my term of service. In essence, I have to finish my term of service by th
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