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  1. I got accepted with partial scholarship on the 10th. Did you hear back in time for the 15th decision deadline?
  2. I haven't heard anything about my M.A. program either. The few hits I got from a results search suggested I won't hear back until well into April.... I don't understand why they do this either. Their best candidates have probably already made other plans by now.
  3. I used this: http://www.manhattanprep.com/gre/practice-gre-test-full.cfm I don't remember perfectly, but you can do (at least) one free test with an interface very similar to that used by ETS. I found the difficulty level & scoring to be pretty accurate. Good luck!
  4. Sorry slavophile, I didn't apply to Stanford and don't know much about the program. Has anyone had any more luck with admissions/decisions? Now that actually attending school is becoming more of a reality, my worry is shifting from getting in to getting funded. What are all of your plans for financing these 2(+) years? It seems that TA opportunities are very limited for MA students, and I haven't really seen much info about funded RA positions. Of course, FLAS is the biggie. Does anyone have any thoughts on whether receiving FLAS for the first year decreases your chances of receivi
  5. Unfortunately, as someone else mentioned, you will (almost certainly) need to actually reside within the EU for two years as a citizen before you qualify for EU tuition rates. I have dual-citizenship and was really interested in studying overseas at low cost, but all of the programs told me I only qualified for international rates
  6. Oh man, I thought I could stop checking everything at 5pm. Now going to check all the websites again...
  7. Agreed -- it seems more focused on being a stepping stone, esp. for lit./film/culture studies students. Let me know if your opinion about this changes either way as you learn more.
  8. Yep, I also got an admit today. You know, I'm kind of undecided about the Duke program. It seems really small, which has both good and bad aspects. Their partnership with UNC is really interesting, and means access to tons of materials & people. In terms of research interests, it isn't the best fit for me -- the classes and faculty seem pretty focused on literature and film, which I'm not really into, but there was 1 professor I was definitely interested in working with and 1 that I might be interested in working with. I guess the main draws for me were: 1) the Philosophy Departmen
  9. Ahh, congrats, that's great news! Did they give you any indication of your place on the waitlist?
  10. I'm interested in Russia and Russian (not very unique). I also want to study the Russian Far East, and to start picking up a second Slavic language (not entirely sure which yet).
  11. I'm the guilty party... got an email from Mary Belding today and was beyond thrilled! I am really impressed by the Indiana program, and everyone there has been so patient with and attentive to my questions. I also heard that I got a fellowship from Ohio State (way sooner than I expected to hear about funding!). So, I couldn't ask for more from a Monday. Good luck to everyone! I am a little relieved, but definitely still antsy about the rest of my decisions.
  12. Hey cml471, that's the program I applied for also! I am treating Columbia as an assumed rejection -- partially because I don't think I'll get in there, and partially so I don't have to think about it for the next few months.
  13. Added the schools to my signature My dream schools are Georgetown and Indiana, but I'd really be willing to go anywhere that will fund me. These February weekends are the worst -- no work to keep my mind occupied, and plenty of time to get antsy as I read through the forums!
  14. Hi guys, I've been lurking for a while and decided to join in for the waiting game. Congrats on all the acceptances so far! At this point, I've only heard back from one program -- an acceptance from CREES at Ohio State. It doesn't seem like anyone else applied here. Do you guys have any opinions on the program? These next 2-3 weeks are going to be pretty tough
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