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  1. I have a pretty good feeling about tomorrow. Happy weekend!
  2. Thanks, LBug. That actually made me feel a lot better. I think I'm just getting cold feet. I know this is the right choice for me as well. I think this whole process (and graduate school in general) plays with our emotions more than I'd like to admit.
  3. Question: did anyone get awarded work study who did not have preexisting student loans? Honestly, as the time got nearer, I thought I would be more excited. Now, I'm seriously trying to just figure out why I'm going to be paying so much for this degree. I really love the program, but it just seems absurd to me that we are basically banned from resources that all of the other Harvard schools get (ie. more financial aid, access to all Harvard buses, automatic gym membership). Yes, we are truly there for the rigor of the classes, access to amazing professors and guidance, and the alumni netwo
  4. Argggg housing :(

    1. phmhjh85


      Feel ur pain !

  5. Hi all, I know this is going to sound completely random coming from me, but does anyone (especially someone currently working in NYC) know of any education research companies in NYC? For some reason, Google is making my life difficult. The research companies can be non-profit or for-profit conducting research on K-12 or Higher Ed students, program effectiveness, reform issues etc. Main ones I've found so far: MDRC, RMC, Applied Research Center Can you guys think of any main ones I'm missing?
  6. Welcome! You'll find some great people with good insight here .
  7. Good luck to the 2014 group!!! It still hasn't hit me that I'm actually going. I think it won't be a reality until I move into my new place (TBD). Try not to freak out as much as we did. You always find out THE decision when you least expect it.
  8. We spoke a little about this before. Go with HGSE. I know moving to a cold climate is going to suck. I'm about to do that no matter which school I choose and not looking forward to it. Just remember that it's one year! Then you can move to wherever you want . If I remember correctly, you have already had significant research experience and are looking for something more practical. With only 40% of Stanford's students having internships (mostly unpaid), you're better off at HGSE (80-90% have internships, 70% paid). HGSE also has the option for you to work with professors or get a research-b
  9. In Boston! Can't wait to meet other higher Ed people tomorrow and the other awesome Ed school people on Friday!
  10. Gosh.. has anyone else not received their fin aid package yet? My mail is SO SLOW. This happens every time. I always get mail days after everyone else. I really would like to see what my package looks like before I go so I can ask the correct questions at the financial aid session on Friday. Anyone know if they can email you the information or pick it up in person? My request to have an individual financial aid meeting was denied so I'm pretty frustrated.
  11. Crap... what am I supposed to do this summer? Ideas, fellow grad cafers?

    1. Tuesdays


      what's your situation? I'm continuing the job I've been in for the past few years, but if I weren't, I'd probably throw myself into pet projects and reading fiction. It'll be a while before we get a chance to do that again!

    2. stephchristine0
  12. I had to do this in Philly. I actually just left my bags with the GSE. It was really easy and they took care of them . I bet HGSE would be just as accommodating.
  13. I think it honestly depends on your situation in life. Would you be okay with no longer having that money there? Are you looking at any other life changes that would need money right away? ie. house, getting married, children It sounds like you really don't want to go to Vandy and it wouldn't give you the experience you crave. UCLA is an incredibly research heavy/theory heavy school and would definitely prepare you much more for a PhD. In my opinion, you shouldn't go to a school if it's not going to help you with your future career. If it doesn't necessarily get you where you want, why wou
  14. I loved Penn. Everyone was incredibly nice and helpful. The focus of the program, on access and diversity, is crucial for me. I sat in on two classes and loved it- interesting topics and professors. The professors are really open door (and young!). Because the professors are young, they are more willing to take students on, make time to help them, and listen to their ideas. One of the things that was a big draw was the diversity of the cohort. I'm worried that HGSE's cohort wouldn't be as diverse. The last day, I had five graduate assistantship interviews. It was crazy, but I really ended up l
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