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  1. I'm a current doctoral student at Penn GSE and will be helping out with the prospective students' weekend. Feel free to PM me with any questions - I'm happy to help
  2. Don't have a dream school or stake all your hopes on one place - it will be a huge blow if you're rejected.
  3. Because I left this thread on a less-than-positive note awhile ago, I just wanted to come back and extend a heartfelt congratulations to everyone accepted to HGSE. Enjoy your preview weekend, and best of luck with your future endeavors!
  4. I wish I was dead.

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    2. Loseric


      Maybe, but it's hard for me to believe that :\ It still really hurts and I don't think it will ever go away.

    3. emg28


      Don't let them get under your skin. It's the admissions game they play. Plus, they're such arrogant assholes. I met a couple of their admitted students at NYU and Michigan........If that's the people they want, I want nothing to do with them.

    4. callista


      This too will pass.

  5. Rejected. Thank you, Harvard, for ruining my life and my dream. I wish I was dead.
  6. Well, Harvard, you got me. <waves white flag> I'm going on a trip out of the country today, and my internet access will be essentially non-existent. So, it's very likely I won't know anything about Harvard until I return in 10 days. I'm disappointed and anxious, but there's nothing I can do about it. I really thought we would have heard by now, but it looks like it won't even be this week, especially not with this blizzard today. (BTW - stay safe, Boston and Cambridge folks!) To all my fellow GCers, whenever this crazy decision finally comes, I want to wish you the best of luck! I'm
  7. I'm with you, OhLaLaSam. Considering almost all of the other schools have notified candidates, this looks pretty poor on HGSE's part. Couple that with the standard "March 25" response when we know the visit weekend is the week after that and it's pretty ridiculous. People would like to know so they can get on with their lives, make decisions, book travel, etc. They've had two months already, why do they need another week? </rant> Sigh. I'm sorry, it's been a long week.
  8. Great thinking, HigherEd! Wish I'd thought to ask that instead of hearing the standard line. At least now we know when the weekend will be. I really hate to think we won't be hearing until next Tuesday, but it would make sense to hear decisions a week later if the visit weekend is later. Gosh, don't they understand that people would want to know so they can book travel ASAP because flights are expensive? Guess that doesn't matter.
  9. Okay guys, I couldn't take it anymore. I just called HGSE and got the standard line: "admissions decisions will be released by March 25". Well, looks like we're not going to get any real information out of them.
  10. Well everyone, will it be today? (Please, pretty please? I don't know how much more waiting and not knowing I can take. ) Gosh, I hope the snow that Boston is getting today doesn't close down HGSE. Everyone in Boston and Cambridge, stay safe!
  11. I'm back to index too. I really think it depends on how you access the app. All day I've had the status page, so I logged back in and entered the page through admissions' link and got the index page. I'm not going to read too much into it. On a slightly OT note, just when I gave up on Harvard for the night, I got an email from TC to check my app status at 8:30pm. No rest for the weary, eh grad schools?
  12. Also accepted to TC! Wow, spent all day waiting for Harvard and this just shocked me. I wasn't expecting to hear from them for awhile! Congrats to everyone else on their acceptances!!
  13. Me too, Sunshinegrl. I'm trying to push that thought out of my mind, though. Penn also does decisions on a rolling basis, not a mass release like this, so I'm guessing they put theirs in manually or use a different system.
  14. I like your theory, HigherEd! Mine is still on status, so who knows what they've done to me. Well, looks like I just lost my bet in the official Gradcafe guess-what-time-Harvard-deigns-to-send-our-status-notifications pool. Oh well. Beginning to think it might not be today, either. Argh.
  15. Thanks for the insight into housing, Cambridge-ites! (I'm sure that's not right but I wanted to try it out anyway, heh.) After doing some research it seems like rent is super high around Harvard Square, but it seems like Harvard's graduate housing has some apartment complexes and a dorm available. I definitely plan on looking into their rates and details if I do get in.
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