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  1. EdYouKateOr

    HGSE 2016

    Hi all! I'm a 2014 HGSE Special Studies grad. I, too, was initially trying to get into the EdLD program. Just an FYI, if you are really interested and don't get in, SMU in Dallas has a new EdD program looking for its 2nd cohort and there is still time to apply. I am in the first cohort and LOVE the program. The director is a HGSE Urban Supt grad and has designed the program similarly. It is cohort based and executive Ed style so you can still work. There are lots of scholarships too as its a new program. I promise it's worth it to check it out and Dallas is way cheaper to live than Boston thou
  2. I lived in Harvard Housing and LOVED it! One bill, sidewalks cleaned quickly, close to school, able to use Harvard buses for free! It was a joy to have that stress gone when I couldn't visit before I arrived. Very generic housing. But clean and people were friendly. Nice green areas. Each housing area has its own personality!
  3. Best wishes from us here on Appian Way as the Application Deadlines draw near!
  4. http://boston.cbslocal.com/flicks/ Free movies this summer!
  5. It is all hitting me pretty fast! one week from now my life will totally change. Leave my $80k job to be a work/study student... Leave my 4br 3000 sq. ft. house to move to 2 br. 766 sq.ft. Apt...leave all friends and family in Sunny Florida to go to snowy Mass! What was I thinking?!?! I was thinking this is going to be the BEST thing that has ever happened to me! Wouldn't change a thing! Just a roller coaster of emotions everyday with plenty to-do lists!
  6. The best thing about Penske is if you find a cheaper rate on their site they will change your rate. They also give 20% student discount. If you are going South to North you can get a great rate with Budget or Penske. It was 1/2 the cost of what UHaul quoted me with unlimited miles!!! Plus found out my car insurance and renters insurance covered everything but LDW!
  7. So excited for you! Dreams do come true!
  8. No one eats quality food at those times anyway! actually, Mr. Robotos is walking distance and very good!
  9. Best wishes all! Hope to see you at the admitted students events next Spring! It was a wonderfully, exciting, stressful, emotional process, but well worth the payoff! Go Crimson!
  10. I disagree! You must step away from FSU, but there's are several quality restaurants as close as N. Monroe that are NOT chains! Midtown is booming and the Killearn area has several as well!
  11. I swear by my Vera Bradley North South Tote that is also in sale now! Fits lots of stuff, is comfortable on the arm and looks good for a variety of situation. I got mine monogrammed. Always get compliments on this bag.
  12. Coloradogirl-did you get to defer a year? Lbess-is it in the T red line?
  13. I'm here and so excited! GCers where are you?
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