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  1. LoL! Exactly I guess going through it last year made me a bit less anxious but I can say without doubt that be here is definitely bringing up the anxiety and reading into everything. So I logged into the application of Hopkins' other program late Friday ( the one I really want and did not get an interview) and it said a decision has been made!! After a split second of hyperventilating and tachycardia, I read that they say thank you for your application, we reached a decision and we are not writing it here so wait for a letter in the next two weeks!!!! Have to wait during this long weekend
  2. I am not sure if this applies to phone interviews or not but am currently enrolled at Bloomberg and what I hear is that interviews totally depend on the department. I applied to two programs, one asked for interview last week and the other has not. Other students who are also applying got rejected or accepted directly (pop fam and biostatistics). However, If you get an interview that probably means you got into the short-list. In short, Hopkins Public Health is really a huge place and programs differ drastically in terms of admission processes, competitiveness and funding so I would not worry
  3. Hello everyone, I hope everyone is happily settled at their dream school. But for those who didn't attend PhD this year and plan to apply again, I was wondering have started the process yet. Do you start contacting POIs now? I am currently doing a one year MPH and totally swamped with classes , so the stress of another application cycle is the last thing I need, but what can you do? and I certainly can't believe it is all starting again. I will be applying to mostly Epi PhD programs if it makes any difference.
  4. Hi Kayla, I hear you. The move is pretty stressful. I feel that I sometimes forget amongst all thr preparation what I am really preparing for! Everyone keeps saying how intense most programs at JHU are but how it was the best time of their lives, so I guess that is Hopkins: slightly terrifying but quite enjoyable!
  5. Very happy to see your story "start" this way. Best of luck. And yeah! London baby !!
  6. so hard being motivated for exams and work when I am planning a transcontinental move in 3 weeks

  7. To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting

  8. with less than a month till moving to the states and starting at my dream school at my dream program, am I entitled to start freaking out?!!

  9. Hi Kayla, happy that you decided on Hopkins. I am going too , yay!!!! Starting MPH in the summer! with a mental health Certificate, I hope. Cannot believe I will be there in 6 weeks! When are you moving there? I am really excited about the move and Baltimore but some how intimidated by how intense and fast paced the program seems. Wish you all the best .
  10. housing panic :(

    1. HigherEd2013


      I feel your pain :(.

  11. Thanks a lot for yiur advice. It is a very good approach which I use often-albeit in a different manner- An update, just heard from the expensive place that they are out of 2 BR app for june and they will try to place me inAugust! So it is out of the equation at least for now. On theother hand, A friend agreed to travel to see the other apartment this weekend. However, the owner just mentioned showing the place to a few other people. I think I am going to have to look for new alternatives, which is really daunting with the clock ticking.
  12. After all the anexiety and angst about school acceptances and funding is over, my new source of anexiety is housing. I am starting in the summer so I am already very very late for reasons beyond my control. So fellow internationals, please help me make a decision I am torn between 2 places, both close to school (No commute or driving required) The first is very expensive (950$), very small BR in a 2BR/2BA appartment but the building is huge, new, clean, well run, 24 h consierge and security, and the rent includes everything( utilities, cable, 42" screen, equipped kitchen, washer drye
  13. All the reasons you mentioned might be true. Yet I think you cannot base your PhD admitability -making this word up - on your past experience with masters . From what I understand phd has a lot to do with research fit first, then comes background, experience, publications....and finally the numbers factor in (GPA, GRE,..) I am also an international applicant and got into 3 top ranked masters programs in a professional degree , ( 4.0 gpa both undergrad and master, 325 gre, 117 toefl, respectable grant, excellent LOR & SOP if I may say so ) Yet I know for sure that my chances at a PhD at si
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