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  1. I've heard from a few people that, in practice, there aren't many jobs that allow public health nurses to combine their two skill sets very easily. You either end up working as a nurse or a public health professional, although I'm sure there are exceptions. If you choose to go the public health route (I personally chose epidemiology), I highly recommend developing your data analysis skills and learning at least one programming language well (like R, which is free, unlike SAS, SPSS and Stata). If you're worried about job competition, I think this is the best way to set yourself apart. Progr
  2. Yeah, funding has been a mixed bag. UW offered full tuition and a $1900/mo RA stipend. Johns Hopkins offered 60% tuition over 5 years and a $12k stipend. Berkeley offered one year tuition and a $6k stipend. UNC didn't offer anything with the acceptance and made me apply for school- and department-specific funding opportunities (still haven't heard back). I was split between UW and Hopkins in terms of program fit. Funding tipped the balance in favor of UW's PhD in global health metrics and implementation science. I'm pretty happy with the idea of living in Seattle, too.
  3. I'd get any laptop you like with Windows 7. It's cheaper now that Windows 8 is out, and frankly I like 7 better.
  4. DrPH. But after getting wait listed, I actually asked to be considered for the epidemiology program too. Good luck to all! Hopefully KB8 is right that we'll hear back next week.
  5. Holy crap, I was accepted at Johns Hopkins for DrPH in International Health. That's nuts. I have no idea how I'm going to choose between Hopkins, UW global health and UNC epidemiology. Still waiting on Michigan epidemiology. Wait listed at Berkeley. What's your impression about these programs? I did my MPH at Michigan, but I don't know much about UW, Hopkins and UNC.
  6. Yeah, actually. I heard this morning that I was accepted at UNC! Nothing from Michigan so far. I think they sent out offers to the applicants they knew they'd have funding for, because there are full scholarships for applicants with top GPA and GRE scores. Otherwise, they really try to provide funding with an offer (based on what my POI told me), so my guess is that they're still trying to piece together funding sources for the rest of us.
  7. This thread has gotten busy! Congrats all on your acceptances and interviews. @seaturtles and @kang6789, what program at UW did you apply to? @KB8, I heard that I was wait listed for the DrPH program at Berkeley yesterday. It is weird that someone posted an acceptance date of February 2nd, especially considering that last year's acceptances didn't come out until March. @gnarls_barkley, my impression is that 'prestige' matters more in academia than public health practice. I'm applying to a lot of DrPH programs, and I personally would take better fit/funding over a big-name school
  8. I applied to the metrics track at UW. There were seven people invited for interviews, and I think three received offers. At Michigan, I counted about 30 people at Doctoral Program Day for epidemiology. One professor said they usually take 10-12 each year depending on funding. I don't know much about the applicant pool for DrPH in International Health at Johns Hopkins. It's a phone interview, so I won't get to meet the other applicants. I also applied to Berkeley and UNC, and I think they don't do interviews.
  9. My POI at Michigan said on February 3rd that it would take "a few weeks" for the epidemiology department to work through the details. Also, I was accepted at University of Washington for PhD in Global Health (Feb 6th) and just got an interview for DrPH in International Health at Hopkins (Feb 15th). It's a big relief to get the first acceptance!
  10. I'm waiting on both of those programs too, but for DrPH instead of PhD.
  11. I did epidemiology/international health when I was there during 2009-2011. One of the weirdest things about UMich is that the university is really big compared to the city of Ann Arbor. That's a great thing for students, because the shops and restaurants are usually geared toward 20-somethings. There's a lot of fun stuff to do. My wife and I were members of a folk music venue called The Ark and we spent a lot of time in the Arboretum. Like anything else, your amount of free time depends on your ability to manage time well. I tried to treat school like a 9-to-5 job, so I could have the even
  12. University of Michigan is a good place for health management and policy. The program itself is good, but really the whole school is strong in business/management/policy. The different grad schools support each other well in that sense. I can't speak for the other schools.
  13. Hey, I'll see you at Michigan. I also applied to UNC; do you know if they even do interviews? For UW, I got an email on Jan 14th. The interviews are taking place today (Jan 22nd) and Feb 4th.
  14. I keep having these fantasies that I've gotten accepted or rejected from a school, and I get legitimately happy or sad about it. It's really exhausting If anyone figures out how not to lose it, please call me immediately.
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