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    Applied to University of Michigan, Johns Hopkins, North Carolina university Chapel Hill, Emory and George Washington University
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  1. I am really having trouble making a decision and freaking out at the moment. Can anyone tell me ANYTHING that they heard about UNC health management and policy program??? I would greatly appreciate your help!!!! I'm worried about the job prospects after graduation as I also got accepted to university of Michigan..
  2. Thank you !!! Congratulations to you as well !
  3. I really need help deciding between the health management and policy program at the University of Michigan and the one at UNC Chapel Hill. I live on the East Coast so you and she would be closer to home but I don't want to pass of the University of Michigan if it is a better choice.... I also don't want to sacrifice not being able to see my family for two years if they are equally as good program. Can someone please tell me anything that they know about the soup programs so that I can make a decision??? I'm panicking because the deadline is approaching fast..
  4. If I got waitlisted for Emory do I have a chance at getting into UNC or GWU ? .....any input would be appreciated.. Just sick of not knowing!
  5. If I got waitlisted for Emory do I have a chance at getting into UNC or GWU ?
  6. If other people have heard from programs I applied for ( UNC health management and policy) and( GWU health policy) does that mean that I didn't get in?
  7. I wanted to make a thread strictly for health management and policy programs....any insight on unc, University of Michigan , Emory and GWU would be great. Has anyone heard back from unc or GWU ?
  8. Hello everyone, I haven't heard back from UNC's health policy and management program, has anyone else? Also I have heard that people that attend UNC's HMP program have trouble finding jobs compared to U of M. Is this true???
  9. I'm learning a new language to pass time....it's been really productive and somewhat of a distraction from email checking
  10. I was invited to an interview at UMich and rejected from John Hopkins ....wich is fine since Umich is #1 in health management anyway. I applied around December 15th.
  11. Well, I count interviews as good news as well. Haha University of Michigan .
  12. let's have a competition on who could give the best advice for interviews!!!! Ready set go ! I'll start.... I read that you should come prepared with your own questions as well.
  13. Thanks you're right it could have been worst.... I applied to the health management and policy program.
  14. Red wine......for health benefits of course. Half baked cookies, gelato and carrot cake. Twisted movies and books like "gone girl"
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