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  1. I don't think an MPH/MPP would be worth it, there's TOO much overlap. Maybe an MPH/JD IF the JD is at a top 20 law school and you want to practice law. Otherwise the JD might be interesting but you won't get much ROI as the market is already saturated with JDs. I'm not sure what your GPA/GRE scores are, but they might be better than you think. MPH programs aren't really all that competitive, so as long as you did decently well in school and can write a good essay, you shouldn't have too difficult of a time finding a good fit. Washington University has a trans-disciplinary program you
  2. I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask but hoping someone will know the answer! I am from Ohio and moved to Kentucky over 5 years ago, so I'm obviously currently a Kentucky resident. I will be selling my condo and am not married to my boyfriend, who will be getting his own apartment in KY or OH. I'll be moving out of state to MO. After my masters degree I plan to apply to medical school, so I'm wondering if I am totally forgoing my KY residency and becoming a MO resident, or if there is a caveat if you just moved to a city to go to grad school there? Or if I can claim a "permanent"
  3. The difference is between whether or not there is a free standing school of public health vs the program being housed in another school. I chose a program over a school. The schools will tend to be bigger but the quality of education nor connections are necessarily correlated directly to size. It all depends on whether you can take the coursework you want and have then opportunities you want.
  4. Are you planning on visiting WashU? Did you end up getting into Emory? Those are the 2 I'm deciding between
  5. $555 a year is a steal... At least compared to where I went for undergrad. It was about $300/quarter, and I always took some summer classes.
  6. Is anyone doing this or did anyone consider? I am deciding between WashU and Emory. The main bonus about Emory is the employment network. So, I decided to hedge my bets and applied to WashU's MBA yesterday since today was the deadline. I'm just wondering, assuming I even get accepted, if that really would make a difference in job prospects? My interests are all over the place, my intention is to do something research related, but I also would like to have enough money to do whatever I want in the future, whether it be pay for more education or travel or whatever. So, that's why I think ma
  7. For what it's worth, I've decided to hedge my bets on WashU and also apply to their MBA as a dual degree since it is well established and recognized. If I go there, that would make me feel more comfortable with the new program, since the network would be outstanding. The network is the main attraction to Emory, which is what I'm deciding between.
  8. Take it both very seriously and with a grain of salt. On the one hand, you want to be fiscally responsible as much as possible. On the other hand, what is the real impact? It's not like you're going to be living in complete desolation if you take out the loans. You're just going to be working and paying on them. And, if you're going to go for the MPH anyway, the $6k difference isn't really anything. But, if you go in somewhere else where they gave you some funding, you might want to factor that into the equation.
  9. holykrp

    St. Louis, MO

    Wow you are so helpful, thank you very much!
  10. holykrp

    St. Louis, MO

    I'm taking a long weekend in STL to visit WashU soon. Any spots I should definitely hit to get a feel for the city?
  11. I'd say definitely Hopkins UNLESS you definitely want to work in Atlanta after graduation and/or you would be saving a significant sum of money by going to Emory.
  12. I think WashU is really trying to build up their public health programs and thus giving generous funding. Keep in mind that WashU is a global university with the #6 medical school in research. Yeah JHU is ranked a couple of notches higher but they're also going to be a lot more expensive. But, you do have to weigh the cost of paying 1 full year of tuition + 50% tuition for 4 more years versus the salary you will be making. If you think that it is worth the investment, then go to JHU. But, it's really hard to pass up full funding. Before you decide, really try to get a feel for what very specif
  13. Oh, well, you should be ready to apply now, then! Depending on whether you've taken the GRE and all that jazz
  14. What do you mean by few places recognize them? Like it is hard for her to find practicum/job opportunities? It seemed like from their stats their graduates had some pretty solid results and even higher starting salaries than some other schools.
  15. From Pitt: If you are applying for student loans -- in addition to the FAFSA form, you will also need to submit a supplemental form to the University. For more information on the FAFSA and to access Pitt’s supplemental form, please see https://oafa.pitt.edu/learn-about-aid/applying-for-aid/graduate-school-instructions/. (The form for the 2015-16 academic year is not yet on their Web site but should be added very soon.) Your completed supplemental form will need to be submitted to our Student Affairs office for a signature. We will then forward to the Office of Financial Aid for their proc
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