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    dual degrees and socioeconomic disparities-MPH

    Wow, what a serendipitous moment. Holykrp, thanks for the input! I am migrating more toward an MPH/MCP possibly, but I am still trying to make my final decision. CB1214, I am looking to start in fall 2016, so I haven't applied anywhere yet coincidentally enough, I just stumbled upon the MPH (CIHR collar program) at U Toronto and it looks amazing. It is probably a reach school but it definitely sounds like a great fit. RunnerGrad, I plan on looking into details for the application process to UofT for international students, but is there anything else you think I should know about applying to graduate school in Canada?
  2. BuckyIsOurKing

    would you rather...

    1. go to law school or 2. abandon all hope in the world and move to costa rica and sell tiny shell bracelets to tourists and get a pet tree frog okay.... that's not really what I was going to ask but I thought that would help get at least get some attention Basically, I am your standard college graduate who "wants to help people". I studied International Policy and Economics, Environmental Development, and got a minor in public health. Disparities (social, economic, educational, environmental) make me livid, and like many other liberal arts majors, I want to change that (I don't mean become jaded and accept these issues.. just to be clear). So obviously I started looking into law, because what is a better way to help systematically oppressed groups of people than to.... use the system to help them??? This leads me to one of my main questions: what is the deal with everyone saying going into law is a stupid decision? I will admit, although I thought this video posted on the forum earlier was pretty funny (https://youtu.be/nMvARy0lBLE) it still didn't really explain thoroughly why going to law school is a bad idea (unless I am being willfully ignorant) I guess my questions for you all in this forum is: 1.Why did you choose to ignore all the bad press about going into law school and pursue it anyway? 2.Do you have lawyers in your family that you could get advice from/insight how it is really like to work in law? 3. What do you hope to do with your law degree? Personally, I am not looking to go into courtrooms and arguing, I like conflict resolution, compromise, and public interest advocacy (is this a huge red flag? Do I have the complete wrong impression about what it means to practice law?) Thank you for reading this far, and I greatly appreciate any insight you may be able to offer. Sincerely, a mildly exasperated and cynical, but aspiring superhero
  3. Hello, I was wondering if anyone had experience with the Masters International Program through the Peace Corps. It is my understanding that there are two main tracks, either the program where you take a semester or two at the university, leave for Peace Corps, then return to finish the last semester or so, OR go serve your two years in Peace Corps, then return directly to the university and start your masters. Has anyone had experience in either program? Does the quality of one program differ from the other? Really, any input or experience is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Hello all! I just graduated last summer Class of 2014 with degrees in International Studies/Economic Policy and Environmental Studies/Development, with a minor in Public Health. I am really starting to buckle down and am trying to narrow down MPH programs, but just have a few questions. -Is it worth your time an effort to do a dual MPH/MPP or even MPH/JD (and is an MPP as helpful for policy making?) I want to be able to get the most out of my program, and am not sure whether I would be spread too thin/be unable to really receive the full benefits of either program if I go dual -I figured I could go the MPH public policy route, but am not able to find as much information about policy focused MPH's as I am able to epi focused. Also, I want to be able to gain some sort of marketable/techincal skill, and I think economic policy would be helpful -I am also very interested in environmental health in addition to socioeconomic disparities and it's influence on health. How can I narrow down my focus to a field that is interdisciplinary but not too vague or broad? I feel like by choosing one focus, I am leaving out my other two interests even though they all are relevant to each other. Does anyone know of a good program that focuses on either poverty and environmental health, or emerging/neglected tropical diseases and policy? I have looked into Tulane, BU, UVA, but get hesitant when looking into super high-caliber programs. I am not cutthroat and don't have the GPA for an Ivy or super prestigious place (though I have a lot of good relevant international experience and did well) on the GRE Thanks in advance!

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