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  1. Thank you! It's the online format -- I'm based in Southern California!
  2. Thank you! I honestly wasn't sure if I would get in after the group interview so I was pleasantly surprised. If you want to connect more, feel free to DM on here! Also, fingers crossed for you!
  3. Hello, I don’t believe so! I applied early for the Fall 2021 term and did my group interview I think about 2 months ago. Have you followed up with them? Which terms did you apply for?
  4. Just found out I got into Northwestern's Counseling@Northwestern program. Excited, but holy h*ll, it's so expensive. Seeing if the financial aid will bring anything to lower that steep price tag...
  5. This falls into both psychology and education, so I'll post here – apologies if a thread already exists. If there's a better forum to repost this in, please advise. I wanted to see if there were any folks here who applied/committed to School Counseling programs (both standalone and with mental health component embedded) or other similar ones. This is to provide others an opportunity connect, discuss concerns/excitements, share career goals, seek advice on decision-making, etc. I was admitted to University of San Diego's 60-unit program for School Based Clinical Counseling (PPS + LPCC
  6. Hey everyone! It's time to take the next steps in my journey of going into social work. I graduated from university recently in 2015, where I worked as a tech for a private substance abuse detox facility for about 5 months. I liked the job, but I worked awful hours that interfered with my schedule. Just recently in May, I got a position as a Case Manager, where I've been at for about 4 months now. I work with homeless individuals at a recup center, connecting them primarily with housing resources. Here's the deal. I've been getting burnt out due to the nature of my work experiences.
  7. Hi everyone! Been on here for awhile and read so much, and now I've FINALLY completed my undergrad at USC. I wont make this long, but I'm dead-set on obtaining my MSW after giving a couple years of gaining professional work and volunteer experience. Now, I've had a steady GPA all throughout undergrad (almost all semesters hovering from 3.5 to 4.0. However, I've had a bit of a hard senior year with my recently diagnosed bipolar disease and addiction problems. This semester, I only managed to get a 2.74 GPA (roughly two C+, two Bs), but honestly, I'm SO proud of that considering all I've gone th
  8. Wow, thanks so much for all your guys' help! I didn't expect so many good advices from different people. After giving this a close thought, I've decided to just take a year (or two) off after December. I've realized how exhausted I am from trying to finish strong academically. It would probably be best if I just work and form better connections with people who actually can help me later down the road. Plus, the extra year means more time to study for the GRE. I just don't want to feel rushed, as it seems that is what everyone at my class is doing. But you know what, forget it. There's no rush
  9. Hi everyone!!! Man, I've been lurking and posting on this site for awhile now, but it's senior year for me and the time to decide to apply is coming up soon. Does anyone on here know if there are any disadvantages applying directly after undergrad? I actually graduate this December, so it will be perfect timing for most of the applications. I'm slightly nervous since most people on here have a huge list of experiences that seems to directly relate to MSW programs. For me, I do have experience...but most of it is research-based with a couple of other types. I hate to make this into a chance
  10. Hi everyone, I'm curious, have any of you discussed about personal mental health issues in your applications? I know it's something to be very weary of, unless the application specifically asks for it. I'm just wondering because I've been experiencing major depression since junior high, and just recently was diagnosed with ADD. I'm particularly nervous about my transcript because of two classes I ended up dropping because I was in a really bad state of mind and I was afraid of jeopaordizing my GPA at the time. I have a 3.6 overall, and my major is at a 3.8. The two classes I dropped, one u
  11. Hello, I'll be applying to graduate schools by next Dec., which gives me some time to think about how I stack up with others. Just a little background: GPA is 3.6, major (psychology): 3.85. I'm predicting by the time I apply, I'll have an average of 3.6-3.75 for my overall and 3.7-3.9 for major. I have experience working in a lab for a semester at the medical school, but the research topic proved to be unreflective of me ultimately. I'm joining the honors program starting next semester, so this will help me get invovled with more in-depth research, possibly with another lab and produce a 3
  12. Hello all, I'm sure some of you have seen me post on here, but I want to raise another question I'm curious about... If I'm interested in going to grad school to obtain a PhD Social Psychology, what type of research would benefit me most? I understand the question depends on the program itself and the applicant's interests, but I've been questioning what I, myself, want to get out of my undergrad experience. I'm a junior at my school (some private uni in top 25 on usnews for a more superficial idea) and I'm majoring in Psychology. I thought I wanted to get a PhD in Clinical Psychol
  13. Purplescarves, It's really comforting to hear about your personal experiences with applying, and knowing others who have applied as well. Thank you for that. As far as direct service experience, I'm in the application process of volunteering at a crisis intervention center for a anti-domestic violent organization in LA. I'd be trained for 65 hours, become certified and commit at least a year to answering calls and handling situations. I'm nervous, but also excited to be directly working in this area!
  14. Hi everyone! I'm currently a junior (actually, I'm a sophomore, but I'm only like 4 credits from being a junior due to credit articulation when I transferred) and my major is Psychology with a minor in Sociology. I was really interested in pursuing a PhD in either Clinical or Counseling Psychology, but I've been recently looking into pursuing my MSW because of its versatility. I'd be concentrating in Mental Health/Counseling for my MSW. Furthermore after obtaining my MSW, I hope to take the LCSW exam in order to practice. Now, the question is: where do I start? I've been in academic/re
  15. Hello again! I posted here maybe two months ago regarding a double major in Psy and Comm; math minor. I've ultimately decided to devote my time with just Psychology as my major. I've been learning different subfields of Psychology in my intro course and one thing that really interests me is Clinical/Counseling, particularly the study of psychotherapy for mental health and disorders, as well as the effects of positive psychology. I'm seriously looking into applying to PhD programs for Clinical/Counseling (haven't decided which is best for me), but I'm feeling very...what's the word...incompeten
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