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  1. I don't even recall any sort of orientation. I was just thrown in there. Haha!
  2. If you're meaning 9 credits versus 12 credits, then yes it is about the same. I don't know a lot of people in my department that are full time though. I guess it just depends on how you look at it.
  3. Graduate tuition is higher at my school too. I'll have to look up the numbers but it is more expensive per credit hour than undergrad. EDIT Okay undergrad is listed as $216 per credit hour (resident) and $641 per credit hour (non-resident). Graduate is $285 per credit hour (resident) and $769 per credit hour (non-resident). Fees are the same for both undergrad and grad. They are based on number of hours enrolled. Half-time for grad is 4 hours so the fees would be less than what most undergrads pay.
  4. The free version worked well? I was wondering what it meant by 1 survey. Is that 1 survey, period. If I tried the free version I was thinking to making a fake survey just to see how the data is presented. But if you're only allowed one survey and only one survey...
  5. Okay, so how do you use Bento to create a survey? I was planning on approaching people and then letting them use the iPad to complete the survey. The questions will be mostly multiple choice and scale. I was looking up the Bento app and I'm not understanding how you would use it to create a survey.
  6. Mine was version 4.something. I couldn't update it. I finally got the stupid iTunes to update today. I had made several attempts before and it would freak my computer out and fail. Everything looks good now, I have the latest version for my iPad running. Okay, so you can use the Bento without having a Mac? I would probably need to upload the data to Excel or something. Unless my adviser wants to buy me some expensive software to analyze the data with. I am basically doing this on a zero budget. I think some of the computers at school have SPSS or similar on them. You have to be allowed acc
  7. Okay, nevermind. I tried one more time to get my iTunes to update on my computer. I couldn't update my iPad because my stupid computer wouldn't update the iTunes software. I tried it again and it seems to be working so.. What about this Quick Tap Survey app? It lets you do some stuff for free and a basic upgrade would only be $19/mo per device (I only have one). Has anyone used it before? Or does anyone else have any suggestions for apps?
  8. Wow, all these apps in the app store are very misleading. The app itself is free, but you have to have an account with the company to use it. Some of them are outrageously expensive for monthy subscriptions. My idea to go paperless isn't looking very good now.
  9. Oh wait, looks like Bento 4 requires iOS 5. I have an iPad 2.
  10. Eigen - Thanks so much for answering. I have never heard of Bento before, but I don't have a Mac either. I just have an iPad and my little netbook computer. Would they maybe have that program on the Macs at school? If not, I don't know how I would upload the data.
  11. I will need to collect survey data in the field. I have been looking at iPad apps, but there are so many out there. Has anyone done surveys with an iPad? What app worked well for you? I need: Offline data collection capability Scaled responses, as well as multiple choice The ability to sign (consent) would be really helpful Do these apps allow you to later upload the data to a spreadsheet? Thanks!
  12. I often regret coming to grad school, but I didn't really have a choice on what school to attend. I couldn't simply go anywhere. I had to stay at the location I am right now. Sorry, I suppose that isn't much help. I can certainly relate to the "what-if" dilemma though. So many times have I tortured myself with the what-ifs. So many missed opportunities. I suppose it is only natural to wonder if things truly could have been greener.
  13. I have known people to do this. In fact, I have taken classes where the professor would designate a person responsible for summarizing an article and then leading a discussion about it. Everyone else would skim over the article. Different person/people for each class meeting
  14. This was 2 years ago, but it was definitely worse than I thought it would be when I got to grad school. I went despite not having funding offered to me. They wouldn't let me register for classes like I was supposed to because I didn't have an adviser lined up. It isn't like I hadn't tried. Everyone I asked turned me away, said they couldn't take any more students and I should ask this other person. After being bounced around like a pinball, someone agreed to be my adviser. I spent a long time after that wandering around blindly with virtually no guidance on my thesis. Yeah, I wasn't off to
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