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  1. I use both. For books I know I'm going to be using and using and using, I like a physical copy so I can write, highlight, postit, etc. However, you would be amazed at how many useful textbooks you can get for free online - so I have lots of those, and they're very useful. I would research both, and see what you prefer.
  2. Hmmm....Yeah, I think that he's trying to see if you're interested. I wouldn't make any assumptions though. A smart faculty member wouldn't necessarily do this with a new student - as there is a potential for a lot of trouble to happen. With that said, I know faculty with these relationships with their student (strictly 'professional', in the way that it's not a romance or anything), but these faculty are also married (not that married people don't have romance affairs). I wouldn't come out and address it, but if you're uncomfortable, and get the vibe that it's more than a professional in
  3. You can check online to see if they have a CV posted. It would be quicker than going through the individual funding sites, year by year, and finding their name. Also, you might want to do a quick search of your university website. If you type their name in, you might find out a lot more than they say on their faculty webpage.
  4. I've worked during all of my degrees. Part-time during my undergrad and PhD,and full-time during my Masters. My Masters work was directly related to my thesis, so it actually was extremely beneficial for me. During my PhD, I've done a lot of TA work, and consulting work. It might take away from your school time (beit social or academic work time), but it can be worth it. I think you just need to be cautious and don't burn yourself out. There's pros and cons for working, and I think it varies between students.
  5. Congrats to all! And drinks to those who need one Also, when I was doing my MA, a close friend was put on the waitlist- she ended up receiving a full award, so there is hope! Keep my fingers crossed for all!
  6. I would call! It's not like it'll change the results! What's the harm!? And thanks for the congrats everyone Sending lots of vibes to all of you
  7. It's not "official", as I haven't received a letter- but I did get a congrats. I needed it. I got turned down by CIHR 2 years in a row As for my stats: 3rd year of study, I have several other scholarships for my PhD (provincial, federal, and international), publications (2 accepted non-first author, 2 submitted first author, 7 published abstracts), 6 conference presentations...umm....what else do you want to know?
  8. Got a department call - so your FGS department should know by now. Might be worth calling them!
  9. It is not uncommon for rejected applicants to be told by SSHRC to apply to CIHR. They're very strict about where applicants truly fall- and if you have a hint of health in there, you'll most likely be told you don't fall under the SSHRC funding themes. Sorry to hear that SMF1016 - it's a bummer. Better luck next year.
  10. ...must...know... Congrats Dot! That's awesome!! Sending wishful vibes to all!
  11. I feel like this 99% of the time...but I still love school. I think it can be hard to put things in perspective...I try really hard to look at the bigger picture, and remember why I choose this path. Recently I sought out a mentor because I did not feel that my advisor believed in my capabilities- which left me doubting myself. He put it very plainly: You wouldn't have gotten to where you are if you weren't capable. So I've begun to stop myself when this "silly thinking" (that's what he calls it) creeps in, and I remind myself at everything that I've accomplished! We all start somewhe
  12. Hi there, The second month into my PhD, I ended my 5 year relationship. The breakup was very painful, poisonous, and vicious. At the time, it was hard. Battling the emotions everyday; figuring out the logistics of moving while managing course work, writing grant applications, and RA work; and putting on a brave face at school and work was so difficult. I can remember getting an email from him in the middle of the day at work, and having to quietly leave and cry in the bathroom. So yeah...it sucked. (throwing out his $300 golf shoes did feel good though!!) With all that said...it was wo
  13. Thanks guys! I do agree that as a graduate student you need to develop a tough skin. I think it's something that's not mentioned enough in graduate school- there there's a 'mental' component to all this that can be very overwhelming. I'm on the fence when it comes to accepting that it's just 'part of the experience', I think something in the culture needs to change. I don't see why a learning environment at the graduate level can't be warm, motivating and encouraging. I do think that it depends on the student, supervisor, and student-supervisor relationship- but I think we (graduate studen
  14. We've all experienced situations that have left us feeling unenthusiastic and unsure about your path in academics. How do you guys pick yourself up, and reassure yourself that you're competent enough to continue on? Lately I've been feeling like I'm working to the bone doing my utmost best to provide exceptional quality work to my advisor, and yet I always leave our meetings feeling like I'm a below average student that is just not meeting expectations. These meetings cut my confidence down and leave me wanting to just curl into a ball on the sofa and watch reality tv. How do you guys shak
  15. I think it depends (like others have said) what point you're at in your degree. Right now, while I'm doing my comps, I meet maybe once a month. I'll admit that my PI tends to be more away than there, but I have high hopes that this will change when I dive into my data collection phase. I think it also depends on what you want. If I wanted to meet more, I'm sure I could- so you will most likely have that flexibility!
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