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  1. RoseRed

    Thoughts on Pratt?

    GA positions offer $1,800 in the HAD dept. and the amount available is strictly limited by the department.
  2. RoseRed

    Library Science 2016

    So I went and visited Simmons and Pratt. On paper, Simmons seemed like the stronger, better choice, but Pratt really shone in person. I sat in on three classes; two of them were extremely good. At Simmons they had me sit in on a pre-requisite core class which was practically elementary; I think that was a mistake on their part. In the end, Pratt is the program I got really excited about. But! Then, the day before I was set to leave NYC, I receive an e-mail from the Udub: I got off their waitlist! I had been so relieved to have finally made my decision, but now I feel like I'm back to square one. So I went to the Udub yesterday and met with them. I sat in a class and met some students. It seems like a great program (and I'm from Seattle). The internship opportunities are nowhere near as amazing as those available in NYC (NYPL, the Met, Natural History, Guggenheim, etc., etc.), however, I would like to live in the Northwest eventually, so maybe going to the UW is a more practical choice, since I could network here as I go to school. Also, life in Seattle is way less stressful than NYC, which I experienced during 4 years of undergrad... Both offer three-year dual Masters programs with other departments, however, at the UW I would have to apply during 1st year, with no guarantee of acceptance--whereas at Pratt I am already accepted into the dual Masters program and it is an integrated/structured program. Tuition is comparable, but NYC is more expensive because of higher cost of living, etc. I am extremely conflicted. Clearly both are great programs and have a lot to offer. I have to decide by Thursday. I was granted a deadline extension from Pratt. Any advice/comments would be much appreciated!
  3. RoseRed

    Library Science 2016

    I sent them an e-mail inquiring about exactly this last week. They are not ALA accredited, so it is a humanities program within the History department. Be aware that this may limit your employment options, post graduation. Looks like a great program otherwise though! Best of luck.
  4. RoseRed

    Library Science 2016

    Just heard back positively from Simmons this morning via snail mail. Now I'm really conflicted between Pratt and Simmons. Simmons is probably better suited for my needs/interests, but there is so much tempting me towards Pratt. They both offered about the same financial aid, and the cost of both is basically equivalent. This is a really tough decision for me, so I'm visiting Boston after the weekend and then swinging down to NYC. I just want peace of mind. I can't wait for this decision making process to be over and done with so I can move forward!! Q: Does anyone know about Pratt's conditional ALA accreditation? Should that be effecting my decision?
  5. RoseRed

    Library Science as a Second Masters

    Does anyone have an opinion about the dual degree program at NYU's Archives Dept. and Long Island University's MLS program? My concern is that there would be too much overlap and that--even though I would have two Masters degrees--I wouldn't really come out with a specialty to distinguish myself during the job hunt.
  6. RoseRed

    Library Science 2016

    I think Queens College could be a comfortable commute only if you were to live in Flushing. Otherwise, it's all the way to the end of the 7 line and then a transfer to a bus ride on top of that. I guess a lot of people drive that go to Queens, but if you go onto any of their student Facebook pages, it becomes very apparent that people regularly spend upwards of 30/45 minutes driving around for parking (the few hundred official school parking spaces are allocated through a lottery system). Never visited St. John's; didn't know about their online program. if your concern is that you want to stay in NYC while you get your MLS--and you're open to the online format--maybe consider applying to exclusively online programs. Just a thought. :-) It would definitely open up your options and save money (although Queens is very affordable). Plus, no awful commutes! Thanks! At this point, I really don't know what my first choice is. Simmons is probably the best suited for my interests, to be honest, with their dual-degree program w/History and their strength in Archives. I haven't heard back from them yet though... (It's killing me~!) Last week I heard back from NYU's Archives & Public History department: I got in! And what's incredible: they offered me a full scholarship! I literally could not believe my eyes. I'm still thinking maybe it was a glitch of some kind and I'm going to have the rug pulled out from under me, because it's just too amazing. I was planning on doing the dual NYU (MA)/LIU (MLS) program though, so I would still have to consider the LIU tuition, which is pretty steep without funding from them. If I were to just go to NYU, my concern is employability without an MLS being a challenge (which I've read happens to people with Archives degrees, but no MLS). It looks like I will go to either NYU/LIU, Pratt, or Simmons. We'll see!
  7. RoseRed

    Library Science 2016

    I'm in good company then! I also am on the the UW's waitlist. Didn't know it was 38 people. Good luck!
  8. RoseRed

    Library Science 2016

    I know what you mean about the commute... It's unpleasant to say the least--at least for Queens, which I visited last month. I think it would only really work if I were to live in Flushing somewhere. But then going to work/intern in the city would be a pain... but at least I could take the 7 express without having to transfer until I get into Manhattan. Good news: I got accepted into Pratt!
  9. Seattle is not a small city. Also, we've only got buses, unless you're in South Seattle. You could easily function without a car if you like to bike and want to take buses. But we don't have a real metro system (it's in the works still).
  10. RoseRed

    Library Science 2016

    I'm applying to the following: University of Washington * Relatively cheap! UIUC Ranked #1 In a corn field McGill Cheap! Pratt (dual Art History MS/MLS) * Amazing internship opportunities Simmons (dual History MA/MLS) * Decent funding? I think I read someone on here say that. 2 years for 2 degrees NYU (Public History & Archives MA in conjunction w/LIU's MLIS program) * Expensive and totally unfunded history department! How is LIU's MLS program? I've heard negative things about LIU (also it's expensive) Indiana University Bloomington CUNY Queens College (dual History MA/MLS) Cheap! 3 years for 2 degrees In the middle of nowhere in Queens right next to an enormous brutalist-looking cemetery University of North Carolina Chapel Hill *preferred I have no idea what my expectations should be regarding acceptances, so I'm applying to probably way more schools that I need to. But it gives me peace of mind. And I probably won't regret it, since I like to have options. I have a very good GPA from a good undergrad program, but limited work experience. My essays were alright I think. GRE scores are good for qualitative and extremely weak for qualitative. Thankfully, most programs don't request scores. We'll see! Good luck fellow applicants!
  11. RoseRed

    Library Science 2016

    Do you mean the Uni of Washington or Wisconsin?

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