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  1. I also applied to only one program last year. It was (is) a location matter; in my area is the only one University that offers PhDs and I'm not willing to move (I'm extremely happy here). I got accepted "upon funding". Soooo disappointing! In fact, money never came though, and here I am reapplying to the same program, with the same adviser.... Hopefully works out this time around.
  2. I received the weirdest acceptance letter. First of all, I got it as an email attachment (not in the mail as I was expecting). It says that I would be admitted ONLY if funding can be found. They gave me three options: My advisor gives me a graduate research assistantship; I get a teaching assistantship; I come up with the money somehow. My advisor said he has the money for the project but he hasn't figured out yet how is he going to spend it. First freak out! I am already on a wait list for a TA, I just need to wait and see. I don't have the money to support myself, but I feel I s
  3. The fact that she is pretty high up shouldn't intimidate you. Just stay calm and approach her as who she is: a normal person looking to work with people as passionate about a given topic as she is. So, if you sort of know what you'd like to do, I would say just make sure your research interests are similar to those of hers. You are not gonna be asked to be proficient in a particular subject, that is why you are going to school: to learn. You just need to demonstrate passion and commitment to research and show her that you won't be a gamble; you will be a great person to work with. Confidence i
  4. So... I did apply. Went through the whole thing, that, to be honest, applying to a US University being a foreigner is not super easy. Passed both the GRE and TOEFL exams with little preparation and got enough good grades that don't represent at all what I actually know (I am way better with numbers than verbal). GRE verbal 162, GRE quantitave 153, GRE writting 3.5. TOEFL I got 117 out of 120. Got reference letters (2 good ones, the other one really poor), wrote an okay Statement of Purpose... and crossed my fingers. Some days ago I received an email with a letter from the Department sa
  5. Undergrad Institution: Universidad de Buenos Aires (Argentina) (Master's Degree) Major(s): Biology Minor(s): Ecology GPA in Major: Overall GPA: Type of Student: International student, female, hispanic GRE Scores (revised/old version): Q: 153 V: 162 W: 3.5 B: TOEFL Total: 117/120 Research Experience: 2 years working at National Animal Health Service in Argentina (Molecular Biology Department); 9 months as Research Technician/Assistant in a non-profit in Maine (heavy metal contamination in wildlife) Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Pertinent Activities or Jobs: See Research Experience Any Mis
  6. Thank you both. I think I'm going to do it... I already contacting professors and studying for the GRE!
  7. Hi all, Here is my situation: I'm from Argentina and had graduated from College in 2008. My degree ("Licenciatura" in Biological Sciences) is equivalent to a Master's degree in the US (4 years of General Biology plus 3 years of, in my case, Ecology). Three years ago I moved to the US where I've been working odd jobs, just to pay bills, always trying to get into 'biology' with no luck. Last year I finally started working as a Lab Technician/Research Assistant for a non-profit studying heavy metal contamination. After 9 months with them, and due to financial constraints, my position has be
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