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  1. I've been admitted to a PhD program at a reputable US grad school with full funding. I am from the UK but members of my immediate family recently moved to the US and now have permanent residency. This did not influence my decision to apply to the United States, but I am concerned it could be a problem at the visa interview - particularly when it comes to proving that I intend to return to the UK after I finish the program. Just wondering if anyone could shed some light on how much of a problem having family already in the US can be? Thanks!
  2. Does anyone know if UC Davis has sent out of all of its offers? I'm expecting a rejection, but interested to know if they ever accept from waitlist?
  3. Thanks - and to you too. The waiting process is just so tedious!
  4. Yep - ditto! I suppose we’ll know after this week!
  5. Are anymore NYU offers likely to come out at this point?
  6. Nothing yet. I am also eagerly awaiting to hear something. I think their offers are normally sent out in the evening EST, so I'm not ruling it out just yet!
  7. Thank you very much for the update! Looks like it could even be next week then before we hear any news.
  8. Was anyone else hoping to hear from Wisconsin-Madison today? Fingers crossed for tomorrow!
  9. Can anyone offer any wisdom RE Chicago? Have they likely sent all their offers - there's no clear picture from the results section?
  10. Yep. Keeping everything crossed for the time being!
  11. I'm happy to go with that! It would make (marginally) more sense than assuming that everyone on here has been rejected.
  12. I am so confused by what's happening with NYU. One acceptance from late January just seems rather peculiar, even if they are taking fewer grads than previous years.
  13. Does anyone have any thoughts on if Chicago's sent out all of its acceptances yet?
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