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  1. confusatory

    UC Irvine Fall 2019

    I will be!
  2. confusatory

    Do top grad schools care about your course load?

    This is something that I have wondered about as well. I entered my university with a lot of transfer credit and took 3 classes/quarter (as opposed to 4) for several quarters to avoid graduating in the fall. I was still admitted to two top-50 programs, though 🤷🏻‍♀️
  3. confusatory

    Applications 2019

    Thank you! I heard back about UCSD about 20 minutes after UCI.
  4. confusatory

    Lessons Learned: Application Season Debriefings

    I'd say that my biggest pieces of advice, which have also been mentioned above, are: Apply to MA programs as well if you can. Or have some sort of plan B. Before I received acceptances I was very stressed because I didn't have any other plans. Get started early! I did this and it made the process much less overwhelming. Having a professor read over my SOP and answer my questions about grad school in general was such a great help. Definitely try to find a mentor. Reach out to POIs before you apply. It's nice to know if they are accepting grad students, and to see what they're really like. This saved me from sending in a few applications that probably would've been tossed since my POI was about to retire.
  5. confusatory

    Applications 2019

    I just got my first acceptance, everyone! I was getting worried after 4 rejections in a row, but I'm happy to finally have some good news!!
  6. confusatory

    Applications 2019

    Ah well, I just got rejected from UCLA this morning, so it seems that I wasn’t waitlisted.
  7. confusatory

    Applications 2019

    I agree! It's nice to have the support of friends and family, but it may be even nicer to get support from your peers. Everyone has been so kind. I truly wish the best for us all.
  8. confusatory

    Applications 2019

    You might want to check out the City Guides section of the forum. Here's the one for DC.
  9. confusatory

    Applications 2019

    Glad to know I'm not the only one. Fingers crossed for us both!
  10. confusatory

    Applications 2019

    I know that this is something that's often said, but how often is this really the case? Two of my schools have already sent out offers (USC and UCLA), and UCLA has handed out some rejections. I haven't heard anything from either school. UCLA is my top choice so I am really hoping I'm on some sort of waitlist or something, but I'm also trying not to get my hopes up.
  11. confusatory

    Applications 2019

    Yes, this is how it was for Stanford as well.
  12. confusatory

    Applications 2019

    Yes! Hopefully we all get some good news.
  13. confusatory

    Applications 2019

    I didn’t have very high hopes since my POI said she might retire before I would finish my dissertation, but it’s still a bummer.
  14. confusatory

    Applications 2019

    I saw others on the results page not getting emails from Yale, but I think they might just be behind on sending them out. I just got one a couple of minutes ago.
  15. confusatory

    Applications 2019

    @ that lucky UCLA admit: Congrats! Was it an official notice?

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