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  1. I don't have an interest, but this topic reminds me of Hanna Garth's research. Not sure if this reply is helpful at all, but maybe it is! She's at UCSD
  2. Hi AP thank you for your reply! I will definitely include that I'm so much more carefully informed now and cognizant of so many other factors that have nothing to do with academia but nonetheless contribute to my success as a human being! I appreciate your response about how I am unlikely to withdraw too---that's hella true but I didn't even think to state that! Thanks for helping me think this through I appreciate your help
  3. Thank you Hopeforthebest:) you do bring up a good point about how I frame mental health and the importance of that. I will take this advise into heavy consideration I appreciate your response!
  4. Hi everyone 😊 This is my first time posting here, so I hope it goes well because I am seeking advice on a unique (maybe?) situation. For undergrad, I went straight from high school to DePaul University in Chicago because I got a great scholarship--I am from California and honestly didn't do much research on the school, programs, city, etc. or have any real guidance on how to ask those types of questions. Long story short, I withdrew after a quarter because I was homesick, depressed, and snow. I went back to CC and eventually graduated with honors from UC San Diego, so I'm not very concerned ab
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