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  1. I recommend not writing a thesis, especially if it means completing your MA sooner. Seems like a waste of time. Edit to say I have two MAs. I wrote a 120 page thesis for one and did not do a thesis for the other.
  2. DGS. was told it's not uncommon for potential students to move off the wait list but not much more than that
  3. i'm on the wait list for UVA too but don't have the answer!
  4. thank you for this. i'm on two wait lists and am lost on how to navigate them
  5. i'm in my 20s and think older students with a variety of motives and experiences outside of academia enrich the discipline
  6. you a night auditor? i went through an application cycle as a night auditor at a hotel.
  7. i don't know about USC, but we both interviewed with UCI. were you told anything about when we might hear back?
  8. I was accepted a couple weeks ago. I'm waiting on news of funding. At what point is it ok to cave and send an email asking about whats up with funding?
  9. I'm wondering the same thing. I was accepted and told I'd hear more about the program and other things soon. I hope the other things include funding.
  10. applied to mostly history programs and Brown for AmSt.
  11. to be clear, being in a top-20 program means being smarter and more motivated than somebody at KU?
  12. I had an interview. I didn't think that would happen this soon or maybe at all. It went well. POI seemed like somebody I would get along well with.
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