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  1. Do we have any idea what the average financial award is at FES? I have a hard time judging mine because I have no context.
  2. Thanks, I did actually call them yesterday, asking if there were issues with my application because of this timing discrepancy. The person I spoke with said "We're still reviewing applications and sending letters, and you can expect to hear from us in a week or two." Not that it matters much now, but it seems clear that "Priority Deadline" applications are not actually reviewed before others that are submitted later.
  3. Is anyone STILL waiting on U Michigan SEAS decisions? My friend and I both applied before the "priority deadline" (me in mid-November and her right before Dec 15) and neither of us have heard anything from them, while a bunch of people I know who applied after the "priority deadline" have heard back. We both have very strong applications and would be surprised if we're not admitted. Seem like the priority deadline is a bit of a sham...
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