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  1. I attended Georgetown's info session and they said that if u have other offers with scholarship you can ask McCourt to match the scholarship. They are going to try their best to match this amount. And DSPP generally receive more scholarship than MPP & MIDP
  2. I applied DSPP on Nov. deadline; the result came out in January. I submitted the MPP application at the end of Feb. and hasn't got any results. I guess McCourt will notify the January round after this week cause Georgetown's spring break is this week.
  3. MPP& DSPP applicant here. I'm on McCourt's priority waitlist. Is there anyone with the same luck? Feel like lots of people are on this list. What's this "priority" means? Do priority waitlist has a better chance to get in? Is this worth waiting?
  4. International student here, my school's average GPA is only 2.0, I have a GPA of 2.3 and my ranking is top 32%. My school gave me a GPA ranking certificate along with my transcripts. Am I still have a chance to apply for the grad program in top 50 universities?
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