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  1. I also just received my rejection today. Trying not to beat myself up too much as I have other good options to fall back on. Congrats to all who got in and to everyone else going with other programs. Stay healthy!
  2. I emailed Jody yesterday and she said the virus has not impacted decisions at all and that everyone should hear back by this week or next.
  3. It looks like we are in the same boat! I also got rejected from Yale's MGA degree so I'm really hoping for the Keough School. I have some other backups but the Keough School just seems like the best fit. I also applied to the Global Affairs + Specialization concentration and have yet to hear back. 2-3 weeks seems like a long time considering we applied in December but I guess all we can do is wait. Good luck!
  4. Yay congratulations! What concentration are you in?
  5. Whew, glad to know I'm not the only one. Fingers crossed its good news for the both of us!
  6. Update: I received notice of my financial aid offer. I got the Coverdell!
  7. I haven't heard anything back yet wither but reach out a few days ago and was told they would give me their decision early next week.
  8. Hey all! Has anyone heard back from the Keough School of Global Affairs for Fall 2020? Is anyone else obsessively checking the application portal?
  9. I applied as well! It's a long shot but stranger things have happened.
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