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  1. Received my rejection this afternoon at 4:02 PM. Had a feeling it was leaning this way but was honestly a long shot for me since I want to focus more on human rights than global affairs! Slightly disappointed but I knew this probably wasn’t the school for me and I’m very happy and comfortable with my choice Congrats to all who were admitted!
  2. I’m starting to wonder if maybe their decisions could be delayed by the Coronavirus? I heard that the campus may have shut down their in person classes, maybe that’s been a factor?
  3. Same here, specialization concentration so maybe those come out later? Sorry to hear your first program didn’t work out but fingers crossed you get into ND!
  4. Oh thank god, it’s not just me. I’m obsessively checking my email and still nothing. I’ve done some digging and if the trend continues as it did in 2018 and 2019 we should expect to hear back this week. But based on previous posts here it also looks like some people waited until the third week of March. So hoping that I hear back sooner rather than later, the tension is killing me. I heard back last week from a school with the same application date.
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